Ten Pound Poms: episode guide

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Episode 1

UK: Sunday, May 14, 2023 (BBC One)
Aus: Monday, May 15, 2023 (Stan)
Written by Danny Brocklehurst
Directed by Jamie Magnus Stone

In dreary postwar Manchester, Annie Roberts is at her wits end when husband Terry spends all his wages down the pub. Desperate for a better life for her children, Annie responds to an emigration advert that promises Brits a prosperous new life in Australia for a tenner. Expecting whitewashed houses and sun-soaked adventures, the Roberts family arrive in Sydney to find life down under isn’t quite what they’ve been sold.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Warren Brown as Terry Roberts
  • Faye Marsay as Annie Roberts
  • Imogen Greenwood as Neighbour
  • Hattie Hook as Pattie Roberts
  • Finn Treacy as Peter Roberts
  • Gary Boulter as Taxi Driver
  • Michelle Keegan as Kate Thorne
  • Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Henry Broad
  • Clayton Moss as Port Official
  • Nic English as Robbie Carter
  • Brett Nichols as Customs Official
  • Stephen Curry as JJ Walker
  • Emma Hamilton as Sheila Anderson
  • Declan Coyle as Stevie Cartwright
  • Roman Delo as Marco
  • Corey Dohmen as Defender
  • Travis McMahon as Ivan Cartwright
  • Elizabeth McLean as Clerk
  • Jake Ryan as Foreman
  • David Field as Dean Spender
  • Johnny Nasser as Bob Travers
  • Penny Day as Sandra
  • Toni Scanlan as Maggie Thorne
  • Angela Kyle as Shop Worker
  • Trisha Morton-Thomas as Auntie May
  • Cheree Cassidy as Marlene Chase
  • Berynn Schwerdt as Arty Farthington
  • Leon Ford as Bill Anderson
  • Andy Shorten as Camp Inspector
  • Rob Collins as Ron Mahoney
  • Elliott Weston as Bar Keep
  • Alastair Bradman as Michael Thorne
  • Paiton Kwok as Birrani
  • Waangenga Blanco as Yarran