Produced by Barron Entertainment

Created by: John Rapsey
Executive Producer: Paul Barron
Producers: Margot McDonald, Paul Barron

Aired: 1996 (26 x 60 min, Ten)

The pressure cooker world of competitive sports provides the setting for this exciting teenage drama series. At the fictitious Sports West Academy, the gruelling routine of the career athlete provides a dynamic backdrop to the everyday loves and lives of our would-be Olympians. The series revolves around eight talented young characters — runners, cyclists, swimmers and gymnasts — their successes and failures both as top athletes and all-too-human individuals. And of course there are their coaches, families, rivals, lovers and friends… and their quest for gold.
Martin HendersonTom Nash
Inge HornstraTatyana Alecsandri
Melissa ThomasSandy Fricker
Tai Nguyen"Noodle" Nhon Huong Tran
Tahnie MerreyEvie Hogan
Heath BergersenStewart Perkins
Heath LedgerSteve Bowles
Matt CastelliDanny Rodriguez
Paul TassoneDon Majors
Peter HardySid O'Reilly
Frederique FoucheJenny Forrest
Claire SpruntLeila Rasheed
Gillian BerryNorma O'Malley
Louise MillerSophie Mills
Quintin GeorgeGreg Rosso
James SollisChris Wheeler
Natalie SaleebaMonique Bellenger
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