Produced by EndemolShine Australia in association with Castaway Television

Creator: Charlie Parsons

Airing: July 18, 2021... (Ten)

24 of the strongest and most strategic minds the competition has ever seen, are ready to battle it out and settle the age old question: Brains or Brawn? Filmed in Cloncurry, North West Queensland.
Jonathan LaPaglia Host 
Cara Atchison (47)Real Estate Agent (NSW)Brains4
Wai Chim (38)Author (NSW)Brains5
Baden Cooke (42)Ex-Pro Cyclist (Vic)Brains11
Rachel Downie (50)Teacher and Businesswoman (QLD)Brains15
Phil Ferguson (28)Artist (Vic)Brains24
Hayley Leake (31)Pain Researcher (NSW)Brains1
Joey McCann (35)Head of Partnerships (NSW)Brains19
George Mladenov (31)Public Servant (NSW)Brains2
Georgia Ray (35)Forensic Psychologist (QLD)Brains16
Mitch Shaw (33)Doctor (QLD)Brains20
Andrew Ucles (33)Survival Expert (NT)Brains7
Laura Wells (36)Environmental Advocate (NSW)Brains9
Dani Beale (34)Corrections Officer (NSW)Brawn6
Benny Burdo (38)Entrepreneur (NSW)Brawn21
Janelle Durso (43)Cleaner (QLD)Brawn23
Chelsea Hackett (22)MMA Fighter (QLD)Brawn12
Shannon Lawson (30)Model (NSW)Brawn17
Kez McGee (25)Bodybuilder (WA)Brawn13
Simon Mee (31)Carpenter (QLD)Brawn14
Flick Palmateer (28)Professional Big Wave Surfer (WA)Brawn3
Emmett Pugh (31)Health Coach (WA)Brawn8
Daini Tuiqere (26)Personal Trainer (NSW)Brawn18
Gavin Wanganeen (48)AFL Legend (SA)Brawn22
Gerald Youles (26)Champion Wood Chopper (QLD)Brawn10
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