The Surgeon: cast

Matthew Newton


A graduate of N.I.D.A., Newton co-starred in Looking for Alibrandi and starred in My Mother Frank. As the lead in the acclaimed ABC TV series Changi, he earned a Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor and in the same year he co-starred in Anne Rice's Queen Of The Damned and made his New York debut in Gale Edwards' The White Devil.

As well as guest starring in numerous Australian television series, Newton performed in the Australian feature Blurred, played lead roles in the Sydney Theatre Company's Volpone & La Dispute and appeared as a regular on the US sci-fi series Farscape. Newton has also just completed the feature films The Bet and Bitter & Twisted

In 2004 Newton wrote and directed his first feature Right Here Right Now. He is currently working on the STC's Boy Gets Girl.

Dr Nick Steele, Anaesthetist

Nick has had a pretty good run. A scholarship boy at Cranbrook, second or third in his year all the way through and then a smooth path through university and his speciality. The worst bumps in his path though have barely been speed bumps. He's seen others in crisis but can't really imagine how crises develop.

There's a general unease creeping up on Nick though. He's started to resent being not quite the best and brightest; attracting plenty of girls, but not the ones he really wanted. Anytime now he may just stick his neck out into a scary new direction.