The Surgeon: cast

Chum Ehelepola

Training with John Noble (Acting For Camera), Lynette Sheldon (Stanislavski Method) and at the Academy of Performing Arts WA, Chum Ehelepola has appeared in a number of television commercials both nationally and in the US. He performed in productions of West Side Story at the Edge Theatre and The Club / Six Months In A Leaky Boat at the Seymour Centre.

Chum had the lead role in the feature films I Hear You, Myself to Myself and Don't Say A Word.

The Surgeon is Chum's first role in an Australian television series.

Dr Ravi Jayawardener, Intern

Ravi is an intern in his first year out of medical school but will turn into Victor Chang in twenty years time.

His passions are medicine and food. He is brainy but shy and lacks confidence which can sometimes make him panic. Once you get to know him you will see his funny side.