The Surgeon: cast

Justine Clarke


Justine Clarke has been on Australian screens since the age of seven. She has appeared in numerous Australian television dramas including G.P., Home and Away, Come In Spinner, Tracks of Glory, Golden Fiddles, Twisted Tales, Wildside, Never Tell Me Never, All Saints, Head Start and The Brush Off.

Justine's film credits include Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Turning April, Blackrock, Bootmen, Danny Deckchair and most recently Look Both Ways. Justine has also performed with the Sydney Theatre Company in various productions including Stiffs, The Herbal Bed, Cyrano De Bergerac, Trelawney Of The Well, The Man With Five Children and Hedda Gabler. Justine will go to New York in 2006 to perform in Hedda Gabler again for the STC.

Along with her love of television, theatre and films, Clarke is also a gifted jazz singer who writes her own compositions and has also performed in the Frank Sinatra Show alongside Tom Burlinson and wrote and performed A Doris Daze A Doris Day Story at Wineblanc.

Dr Eve Agius, Surgical Fellow

Eve is a 32-year-old surgeon. She is a Surgical Fellow which means that she is in her final year of surgical training and will soon be a specialist in General Surgery. All doctors at Eve's level are highly skilled, but are still loosely supervised by a surgical consultant.

There are very few female surgeons and it's a difficult journey for the women who decide to complete a surgical specialty. Eve is a good doctor and very empathetic. She works long hours and is usually tired. Like most medical staff she has developed a coldness and cynicism which allow her to cope with her grueling job. She can be cutting.

When she is tired she can be verbally clumsy she'll blurt things out then regret what she's said.

Eve is single but has been in serious relationships in the past. Her loneliness is engulfing her and she feels alone in a sea of men. She doesn't wear makeup (no time to put it on) and when she was younger was a good athlete.