(aka Theo and Johnny)

Produced by Superwog and Princess Pictures

Creators: Theodore Saidden, Nathan Saidden
Executive Producers: Emma Fitzsimons, Elia Eliades; Rick Kalowski, Lauren Merolli
Producer: Amanda Reedy, Paul Walton, Theodore Saidden, Nathan Saidden
Writers: Theodore Saidden, Nathan Saidden
Director: Theodore Saidden

Aired: 2018, 2021 (ABC/Youtube)

Superwog follows the highly dysfunctional Superwog family as they struggle to navigate life in Australian suburbia. Superwog (Theodore Saidden) is a girls and fast food-obsessed teen, enrolled in a prestigious private school. His misadventures with best friend Johnny (Nathan Saidden) often cause Superwog’s emotionally primitive, highly-strung father (again Nathan Saidden) extreme stress as he battles to keep his delusional, but fiercely loyal wife (again Theodore Saidden) happy.
Theodore SaiddenSuperwog
Theodore SaiddenWog Mum
Nathan SaiddenJohnny
Nathan SaiddenWog Dad
cast photo

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