Produced by Fifth Season and Made Up Stories

Executive Producers: Bruna Papandrea, Steve Hutensky, Jodi Matterson
Executive Producers: Asher Keddie, Mia Freedman, Stuart Bowen, Sarah Scheller
Executive Producers: Alison Hurbert-Burns, Brian Walsh
Producer: Lorelle Adamson
Co-Producers: Clare Stephens, Jessie Stephens
Writer: Sarah Scheller
Director: Stuart Bowen

Released: December 06, 2023 (Binge)

Comedic drama that tells the story of Evelyn Jones, a modern, imperfect woman and publisher, and her journey from lounge room blogger to becoming a force in women’s media. Set in the dynamic and ever-changing world of publishing, digital media and its origins, the series is inspired by Mia Freedman’s memoir 'Work Strife Balance'. (8x30min)
Asher KeddieEvelyn Jones
Matt DayJon
Tina BursillGinny
Emma LungLucy
Maria AngelicoChristine
Olivia JunkeerJeet
BeBe BettencourtOpal
Rhys MitchellPaul
Bryony SkillingtonPenny
Lucy AnsellNorma
Darcy TadichAlex
Willow SpeersAddy
Jonathan LaPagliaPeter
Alex DimitriadesDaniel
Lincoln YounesGiles
Meyne WyattRobert
cast photo

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