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Busking The Buzz

Episode 1.01
March 04, 2005 (Nine)

Vinnie, a young wannabe entrepreneur on the streets of Fremantle, sees a chance for fame and fortune for his busking friends (and a small commission for himself, of course) when he meets a kid with a video camera, a dream, and a hundred dollars.

Every Dog Has It's Day

Episode 1.02
March 11, 2005

Vinnie discovers that a stuck up cousin can be a pain the backside but they have their uses if they can sing and if you are desperately in need of a girl singer!

Square One

Episode 1.03
March 18, 2005

With everyone's help it looks like Vinnie might just make the money to pay his fines, until Max steps in.

Too Many Spooks

Episode 1.04
March 25, 2005

Vinnie's plan to surprise his American tour group at the old Maritime Museum provides a few surprises for everyone.

Family Ties

Episode 1.05
April 01, 2005

Vinnie has an easy-peasy chance to pay Papa back by arranging a date with Vinnie's Aunt Rosa except that Aunt Rosa has other ideas.

Searchez La Flamme

Episode 1.06
April 08, 2005

Girl trouble that's what the boys find themselves up against when Pip refuses to rejoin the group and Hellie accuses Rick of stealing her song.

Making Up Is Hard

Episode 1.07
April 15, 2005

When Vinnie is persuaded that he has to make amends to his family and friends, he discovers secrets and lies he never even suspected and tries to put things right.

Con Job

Episode 1.08
April 22, 2005

The band reforms to play at Aunt Rosa's engagement party, but Vinnie is accused of stealing from the guests including Aunt Rosa's ring.

Inside The Rapper

Episode 1.09
April 29, 2005

When Vinnie is offered a recording contract and the band won't believe him, he tries to make a rap star out of Stavros with disastrous results.

The Break

Episode 1.10
May 06, 2005

For once Vinnie has the total support of the group as they rehearse to cut a demo record but Max finds out Layla's real agenda and uses the news to betray Vinnie.

Something In The Air

Episode 1.11
May 13, 2005

Just when the band is ready to record, Pip has to leave for Italy. No lead singer and a giant bill for a cancelled recording session must surely spell the end of everyone's dreams.

What's Important Is...

Episode 1.12
May 20, 2005

When Jess goes missing on the morning of the recording session, Vinnie has to make the choice between his dream and his sister.

Thicker Than Water

Episode 1.13
May 27, 2005

Vinnie's carefully put together plan to bring his Dad and Uncle Carlo face to face at Papa's almost comes undone when he discovers Max and George have been conspirators trying to set him up.