Stingers: episode guide


Episode 1.01
Australia: Tuesday, September 29, 1998 (Nine)
Canada: September 2001 (Showcase Action)
UK: August 04, 2004 (Plus)
Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by David Cameron

Inspired by the true-life stories of a former undercover policeman, Stingers follows a group of highly trained operatives who infiltrate the criminal scene to defeat crime from within. They live in a world of constantly changing identities, where colleagues regard them as weird, crazy and even corrupt.

When a homicide investigation into the disappearance of a teenager babysitter fails to reveal any useful evidence, Church and Angie go undercover to infiltrate a sinister criminal family. The Unit is faced with a race against time to prevent the killer from striking again.

Starring: Peter Phelps, Joe Petruzzi, Anita Hegh, Kate Kendall, Jessica Napier, Ian Stenlake

Guest Starring: John Brumpton as Ronnie Gallagher, Gary Waddell as Garry Gallagher, Jo Kennedy as Karen Gallagher, Dawn Klingberg as Pearl Gallagher, Woody Miles as Corban Gallagher, Chris Connelly as Senior Sergeant Lewis, Gary Adams as Beefcake, Jasper Bagg as Small Man, Chris Wilson as Mercedes Driver, Rick Tonna as Heavy, Jim Alexander as Security Guard, Katrina Smallwood and Mischief as Table Top Dancers, Kent Clifton-Bligh as Police Diver, Dale Reeves as Bouncer; Stunt Drivers: Roy Edmunds, Russell Allan

Hit Me

Episode 1.02
Tuesday, October 06, 1998
Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Paul Moloney

When Undercover learns that well known criminal Travis Winter is the go-between in the hiring of a hitman, Church goes undercover as a gun-for-hire. Winters' client is Fleur Newstead and the target is her husband, Roger Newstead. Fleur claims her husband is trying to kill her, and she wants to get him before he gets her. When events take a sudden turn for the worse, the case is handed to Homicide, and Church is taken off the job. Against orders, Church goes out on his own to solve the case.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det Insp Bill Hollister, Nicole Nabout as Fleur Newstead, Paul Dawber as Roger Newstead, Mark Neal as Travis Winter, Stephen Whittaker as Brian Carter, Richard Sutherland as Horse McPhee, Can Van Steel as Chauffer, Trent Heun as Tran, Dorothy Carter as Barmaid, Scott Terrill and Okan Husna as Pool Players, Victor Bizotto as Foreman, Lana McLean as Detective, Paul Adey as Jogger, Peter Hitchener as Newsreader, Terry Carter as Assassin; Stunts: Chris Hargreaves, Collette Hardcastle, Amanda Buchanan, Wayne Cartwright

The Initiation

Episode 1.03
Tuesday, October 13, 1998
Written by Vicki Madden-Custo
Directed by Russell Burton

When a police officer is shot, the Stingers unit is sent to investigate the prime suspects within the Romanian gang. To assist the team, Rocca calls in Nick Torris, an ex-undercover operative of Romanian decent. Nick resents being forced to go undercover again, even with Kaye by his side posing as his girlfriend, and has fears about the operation.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det Insp Bill Hollister, Malcolm Kennard as Nick Torris, Peter Stefanou as Mikail Menduso, Christopher Christo as Jacek Menduso, Robert Rabiah as Vaclav Nanchec, Petru Gheorghiu as Jon Stanca, Scott Meneilly as Sam Caruso, Karlis Zaid as Barman; Stunt Performers: Russell Allan, Szumai Anderson, Deidre Naughton, Roy Edmunds, Warwick Sadler, Rick Tonna, Ian Mell, Amanda Buchanan, Morgan Evans

Show The Dead Mouse (Part 1)

Episode 1.04
Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Written by Jock Blair
Directed by Julian McSwiney

When a serial killer takes a third victim, Undercover is called to find the killer before he tries again. Angie goes undercover as bait with Church and Stone in support. The Unit turns up several suspects but nothing that brings them closer to the killer. As the pressure builds, Angie's cover is blown and Kaye must go in as her replacement. It is Kaye's first job and the Unit moniter her progress carefully. Kaye is working well, when all of a sudden contact is lost and Kaye vanishes.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det Insp Bill Hollister, John Penman as Carl Honey, David Davies as Const Jerry Staughton, Tony Rickards as Const Charlie Murray, Jeff Kovski as Sammy Vincenza, Samantha Bews as Jessie, Jonathan Kovac as Gary, Cassandra Miller as Susie Edquist, Vivien Davies as Natalie Edquist, Jo Hall as Newsreader, Anna Heyward as Susie Edquist (6yrs), David Lithgow as Technician, Kaz Hall as Jessie's Boyfriend, Kitte Dicke as Drunken Girl, John Nasser as Henry Vincenza, Lana Clair and Jez Olivero as Night Clubbers, Summer Fleur-Barclay and Simone De La Rue as Victims

Show The Dead Mouse (Part 2)

Episode 1.05
Tuesday, October 27, 1998
Written by Paul Davies
Directed by Andrew Friedman

The Unit goes into damage control following Kaye's disappearance, scrutinising the surveillance footage and following up the few leads they have — a process that provides an unexpected lead. When Rocca informs Hollister the killer is possibly a member of the force, Hollister hauls the suspects in for questioning. Angie and Stone search for the evidence they need to make a conviction, but a horrific discovery leads to shocking repercussions for the whole unit.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det Insp Bill Hollister, David Davies as Const Jerry Staughton, Tony Rickards as Const Charlie Murray, Jeff Kovski as Sammy Vincenza, Steve Payne as Mr Shaw, Rick Hammond as Detective, Tamara Lipton as Travel Agent, Andrew McDonald as Constable, Andrew Thain as Waiter, John Nasser as Henry Vincenza; Stunt Performers: Amanda Buchanan, Warwick Sadler, Bianca Smaal


Episode 1.06
Tuesday, November 03, 1998
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Paul Moloney

Whilst undercover, Church is employed by a brutal mercenary, Cameron Fraser, to assist in the abduction of a young girl at the centre of a bitter custody battle. After a botched abduction attempt, Fraser successfully tails Church putting the security of the Unit at risk. When the girl vanishes, Angie embarks upon a frantic hunt to find the girl before Fraser does.

Starring: Peter Phelps, Joe Petruzzi, Anita Hegh, Kate Kendall, Ian Stenlake

Guest Starring: Brett Swain as Billy Rose, Nicholas Crawford-Smith as Cameron Fraser, Vanessa Steele as Nicci Lomas, Anastasia Keras as Serena Lomas, Jessica Napier as Kaye Kelso, Margie Bainbridge as Ticket Seller, James Ryan as Plainclothes Cop, Andrew Russell as Plainclothes Cop, Peter Hitchener as Newsreader, Pasquale Monea as Antonio Carlos Lomas; Stunt Performers: Chris Joyce, Roy Edmunds

Innocents Abroad

Episode 1.07
Tuesday, September 29, 1998
Written by Howard Griffiths
Directed by Russell Burton

Following the drug-related death of a young nightclubber, the unit attempts to crack a large-scale Ecstasy racket by targeting its ring-leader. Undercover as a middleman between the dealer and Church, who is posing as an interested buyer, Stone finds a way into the racket through Hannah and Clare, two English backpackers. As Stone gains the dealer's trust, he grows particularly close to Hannah. Stone and Church set up the buy hoping to draw out Mr Big, but a sudden change of plans has devastating ramifications for Stone and Hannah.

Guest Starring: Simon Wilton as Jeremy Liston, Alyson Standen as Hannah Mason, Anna Lisa Phillips as Clare Challoner, Simon Palomares as Terry Joseph, Richard Neal as Nick Webber, Katherine Halliday as Gillian, Karin Sutton as Mrs Jensen, Bradley Croft as Det Sgt Henshaw, Fraser Gray as Drug Squad Detective, Nic George as Johnnie Jensen, Timothy Verbi as Paul, Matt Derrick as Ben, Richard Wiggan as Bouncer, Millie Minogue as Drag Performer, Magnolia Thunderpussy as Drag Performer, Chrissy Russell as Drag Performer

Blind Love

Episode 1.08
Tuesday, November 17, 1998
Written by Grace Morris and Paul Davies
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Mackenzie goes undercover in the Witness Protection scheme to befriend Carol Jamison, who was nearly killed before giving evidence at a Parliamentary Inquiry into corruption. Carol claims no knowledge of corruption, remaining loyal to her boss, Member of Parliament Richard Taylor. The attempt on her life remains a mystery. With Mac undercover as a "protected witness" and Church, Angie and Stone in support, Mac must get closer to Carol, gain her trust and persuade her to reveal the information which will incriminate her boss and hopefully shed light on her attempted murder. A genuine friendship grows between the two women — a bond Mac will ultimately have to betray to complete the job and save Carol's life.

Guest Starring: Rhondda Findleton as Carol Jamison, Richard Piper as Richard Taylor, Frederick Court as Gary Thompson, Pieter Siertsema as Shopping Mall Male 1, Chris White as Shopping Mall Male 2, Erin Mountford as Waitress, Matthew Ker as Kid With Gun, Anne Vercoe as Mother, Richard Guarnuccio as Pharmacist, Lisa Hickey as Nurse, Lana Williams as Nurse

Jelly Babies

Episode 1.09
Tuesday, November 24, 1998
Written by Everett DeRoche
Directed by David Cameron

While taking part in a drug deal at a suburban service station, Church and his dealer inadvertently get caught up in a siege instigated by three young delinquents. Hostages are taken, and while Mackenzie is able to glean information via Church's wiretap, Rocca works from outside the service station as a negotiator, trying to appease the young hoodlums. As the drama inside escalates, reaching a dangerous, life-threatening level, Church must rely on his undercover skills to defuse this volatile situation from within, preventing the bloodshed of innocent bystanders.

Guest Starring: Samuel Johnson as Murray Best, Mark Wilson as Anton Best, Marieke Hardy as Lara Kelly, Frank Magree as Gavin Bailey, Simon Woodward as Weston, Bradley Croft as Snr Det Sgt Henshaw, Chris Milne as Brad Logan, Anita Cerdic as Breeanna, Harley Lewis as Jason, Martin Rice as Manager, Thomas Bromhead as Bottle Shop Attendant, Ian Wilmoth as SOG Sharpshooter, Adam Shand as Reporter, Anthony Higgins as Drug Squad Detective, Fraser Gray as Drug Squad Detective

Note: a rare appearance in front of the camera for Marieke Hardy (pictured) who would go on to a prominent career as a screenwriter, penning episodes for such series as Short Cuts, Last Man Standing, Packed to the Rafters, and Laid

Nothing Personal

Episode 1.10
Monday February 22, 1999
Written by Stu Sutcliffe
Directed by Paul Moloney

The Internal Investigations Unit, led by the tough Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Slater, takes over the Factory and investigates Undercover for corruption. Slater turns up evidence that results in Rocca's suspension — it appears Rocca has tampered with a drug sample and money has turned up in his safe unaccounted for. The unit is in shock and Church, sensing a set-up, is determined to find out what's going on, but Mackenzie who is left in command, tells Church to leave things alone — an order that only makes him more determined.

Guest Starring: Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Det Snr Sgt Vic Slater, Stefan Dennis as Snr Const. Karl Hiller, Damien Richardson as Mooney, Laura Lattuada as Lucy Rocca, Karen Day as Alicia, Steve Hutchison as Const. Nicholson, Bradley Croft as Det Snr Sgt Henshaw, Beth Child as Asst Commissioner Reilley, Paige Santuccione as Olivia Rocca, Jeremy Santuccione as Marco Rocca; Stunt Performers: Naomi Mulholland, Davin Taylor

Note: Lewis Fitz-Gerald will go one to direct a number of episodes

Ten Foot Tall & Bullet Proof

Episode 1.11
Monday March 01, 1999
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Russell Burton

Rocca forces Church to drop his long-term informant, Benny, after Angie is put at risk during a drug bust. Benny, who to Church has become more friend than informant, is outraged. Benny sees himself as a quasi-undercover operative who has been unfairly dismissed and offers to help Undercover prevent an armoured car heist. It will be Benny's "last hurrah" so he wants a healthy retirement package. He feeds information to the Unit piece by piece, playing the ultimate power game. Suspecting that Benny may be stringing them along, Rocca puts Mackenzie in undercover at the armored car company to find out whether the robbery could be an inside job.

Guest Starring: Michael Caton as Benny, Dennis Miller as Det. Insp. Malcolm Harris, John Higginson as Duncan Phillips, Brenda Monaghan as Taya Cox, Lee Collins as Bridgit, Hannah Greenwood as Sarah, Adriano Cortese as Roscoe Goodwood, Michael O'Malley as Greg Campbell, Phil Proctor as Armoured Car Driver, Matt Trihey and Joseph Robert Sayah as Balaclava Gang, Alan Murphy as Publican, Robert Mitchelson as Armoured Car Guard; Stunt Performers: Phil Reilley, Graham Jahne, Russell Allan, Warwick Sadler, Chris Wilson, Roy Edmunds

Faking It

Episode 1.12
Monday March 08, 1999
Written by Martin McKenna
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Church sets up an undercover deal with a gang that goes disastrously wrong when Stone is hit over the head and falls into a coma. Emotions run high within the Unit as Church is forced to remain undercover following information that the bikies are involved in a large-scale counterfeiting. Angie spends time with Stone's father at hospital — she must try to appease a man who knows nothing about his son. Church increases pressure on the Bikies regarding the counterfeit notes, ultimately becoming the Bikies' prisoner. Out on her own, Mac uses her computer expertise to prevent the counterfeiting, but is taken prisoner by the gang.

Guest Starring: Russell Kiefel as China, Damien Pree as Snapper, James Wardlaw as Jasper, Peter McCauley as Charlie Pearce, Jake Gregory as Tyson, Fiona Taylor as Table Top Dancer, Caroline Lloyd as Nurse, Natasha Cajkovac as Tracey; Stunt Performer: Naomi Mulholland

Right On Target

Episode 1.13
Monday March 15, 1999
Written by Daniel Krige
Directed by Brendan Maher

Stone is nearly shot during a meeting with a dealer. When an informant helps Stone, Mac is concerned about how it will effect Stone's already rattled state of mind. Meanwhile, Angie has established her first informant relationship and is using this to bust a drug dealer. Angie and Stone's contacts lead them to the same place, jeopardising each other's stings. Stone stays undercover and saves the guns deal and succeeds in bringing down the gun dealer. Angie's work reveals that Stone's informant had been using the gun racket to cover her own dealings in drugs.

Guest Starring: Maria Theodorakis as Nicky Reeves, Ken Radley as Bob Fitzpatrick, Dennis Miller as Det. Insp. Malcolm Harris, Russell Fletcher as Det Snr Sgt Colin Tomkins, Matthew Posetti as Zac Haines, Bruce Carter as Dr Jonah, David Whiteley as Frankie List, Sam Okun as Ronnie Finch, Dan Silk as Drug Squad Driver, Jim Koutsoukos as Mechanic

Without Fear Or Favour

Episode 1.14
Tuesday, April 06, 1999
Written by Denise Morgan & Roger Simpson
Directed by Paul Moloney

The unit goes undercover to locate a charismatic prison escapee, the media-agile crim Bobby Kane, who accuses the police of wanting him dead rather than recaptured. Angie is put in as a cameraman working for Trish Lambert, an ambitious television journalist Kane uses to air his views. Rocca begins to suspect that the investigating policeman, Detective Inspector Gil Truman, who has pursued Kane so zealously since the robbery, might have his own agenda that involves killing Kane rather than capturing him.

Guest Starring: Jane Conroy as Trish Lambert, Neil Melville as Det Snr Sgt Gil Truman, Dino Marnika as Bobby Kane, Nathan King as Asst Comm Don Dalgleish, David Le Page as Det Sgt. Anthony Becker, Chelsea Gusthart as Kerry Revel, Davini Wallis as Nina Bernassi, Kristina Schofield as Camerawoman, Chris McLean as Trevor, Patrick Pigott as Mr Fowler, Lyn Reardon as Mrs Fowler, Conrad Bishop as Detective, Simon Donaldson as Detective, Dean Caulfield as Terrified Man; Stunt Performers: Graham Jahne, Russell Frost, Neil Pollock, Mark Campbell, Deirdre NAughton, Roy Edmunds, Chris Wilson

Lunatic Fringe, Part 1

Episode 1.15
Tuesday, April 13, 1999
Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Andrew Friedman

Stone and Angie infiltrate a radical environmental group, Mother Earth, suspected of stealing explosives for terrorist activities. Church is then put in prison to befriend the group's leader, Aaron Fielder. Fielder is controlling the "movement" from prison and is formulating a terrorist plan. When Church makes another shock discovery, he decides to pursue his own agenda and, contravening orders, he joins Fielder in his pursuits.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Sims as Aaron Fielder, Helene Joy as Anna De Groot, Jack Finsterer as Patrick De Groot, Trudy Hellier as Lorraine Perry, John Pollitt as Kevin Walsh, Kevin Summers as Alsop, Alan Pentland as Darren Sweeney, Jo Hall as Newsreader, Graham Jahne as Security Guard, Ron Stickland as Security Guard, Paul Teiwes as Security Guard, Georgie Shew as Alice Cummins, Phil Proctor as Prison Warder, Peter Maver as Governor, Russell Allan as Driver

Lunatic Fringe, Part 2

Episode 1.16
Tuesday, April 20, 1999 Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Richard Jasek

When Church joins Fielder and his group of environmental extremists in their terrorist masterplan, he is surprised to encounter Stone, already undercover with the group. Stone wants to report the latest developments back to the Unit and have the group arrested, but Church pulls rank, insisting that any contact would jeopardise the sting. Stone soon realises Church is driven by his own agenda, and attempts to sabotage the operation before Church, and the terrorist situation, get out of control.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Sims as Aaron Fielder, Helen Joy as Anna De Groot, Jack Finsterer as Patrick De Groot, Trudy Hellier as Lorraine Perry, Georgie Shew as Alice Cummins, Michael Seymour as Police Person, Steven Charles as Police Person, Eddie Pollard as Police Driver, Daniel Clarke as Police Driver, Peter Zoumberis as Police Driver


Episode 1.17
Tuesday, April 27, 1999
Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by David Cameron

Someone is killing prostitutes Angie and and Mackenzie go undercover at a brothel. When an attempt is made on another prostitute's life, Undercover come up with an obscure clue, but without sufficient evidence, the killer cannot be arrested. Angie is forced to confront the killer and, with help from Church, is able to diffuse a potentially fatal situation.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Brian Meegan as Mr. P, Gina Gaigalas as Gina Lopez, Odette Joannidis as Mary-Anne, Petra Glieson as Kylie, Kathryn Cole as Susie Paris, Matthew King as Politician, Gareth Wilding-Forbes as Minister, Reg Walsh as Trumpet Player, Stephanie Gorrie as Millie, Luke Gorrie as Joe, Tahu Marumaru as Reception Manager, David Chalmers as Photographer, Tom Ta as Kitchen Hand, Rachel Connor as Forensic Expert, Ray Nayak as Client #1, Joel Patrick Corrigan as Client #2

Into The Cold (Part 1)

Episode 1.18
Tuesday, May 04, 1999
Written by David Boutland
Directed by Paul Moloney

Church becomes involved with the notorious Rossi crime family when he goes undercover to investigate a murder. Church discovers the murder is not what it seems and begins to ingratiate himself with the Rossis. In a meeting that will change his life forever, Church encounters a surprise member of the Rossi family.

Guest Starring: Christine Stephen-Daly as Christina Brock, Shane Connor as Terry Collis, Robert Mammone as Dino Rossi, Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Jeff Keogh as Alex Conway, Vince D'Amico as Bruno Rossi, Saskia Marguccio as Bianca Rossi, Shannika Marguccio as Francesca Rossi, Nicole Beckett as Isabella Rossi, Ian Wilmoth as Stuart Conway, Alfred Nicdao as Jacko, Zac Jardine as Damien Sheedy, Kathleen Ryan as Rosie, Terry Carter as Gambler, Russell Frost as Thug, Rick Tonna as Thug; Stunt Performers: Mark Campbell, Naomi Mulholland

Lone Hand (Part 2)

Episode 1.19
Tuesday, May 11, 1999
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Andrew Friedman

Church attempts to infiltrate the Rossi family hierarchy — Bruno, the head of the family, his son, Dino, and their menacing right-hand man, Terry Collis. Church takes a liking to Bruno's daughter, Christina, and manages to weaken Collis' position in the family. Collis tries to turn Dino against Church but it soon becomes clear that Dino has already chosen his right-hand man.

Guest Starring: Christine Stephen-Daly as Christina Brock, Shane Connor as Terry Collis, Robert Mammone as Dino Rossi, Vince D'Amico as Bruno Rossi, George Vidalis as George Baridis, Peter Hardy as Det Insp Ron Leighton, Alan King as Det Sgt Mallett, Gary Baade as Johnny, Kym Tonkin as Minder, Kevin Maxwell as Minder, Nicole Beckett as Isabella Rossi, Saskia Marguccio as Bianca Rossi, Shannika Marguccio as Francesca Rossi, Father Rufo as Priest, Davin Taylor as Detective, Russell Allan as Detective

Proving Ground (Part 3)

Episode 1.20
Tuesday, May 18, 1999
Written by Sue Hore
Directed by Richard Jasek

With Church recruited as Dino's new right-hand man, Angie goes undercover to investigate one of Dino's contacts and turns up a clue which could link Dino to a recent murder. Church struggles with his feelings towards Christina as he realises he is falling in love. With Dino in custody, the downfall of Rossi crime family seems imminent. But in an unexpected twist, a new leader of the Rossi family comes to light.

Guest Starring: Christine Stephen-Daly as Christina Brock, Robert Mammone as Dino Rossi, Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Peter Roberts as Eddie Marshall, Syd Brisbane as Sam Guiness, Robert Talyor as Det Sgt Mick Foley, Peter Hardy as Det Insp Ron Leighton, Tim Hughes as Gab Marriotti, John Weldon as Rival Chop Shop Thug, Zev Eleftheriou as Rival Chop Shop Thug, Morgan Evans as Rival Chop Shop Thug, Gary Ramon as Vince, Cal Giardina as Steve, Morris D'Alessandri as Mechanic, Mark Wickham as Task Force Cop, Davin Taylor as Task Force Cop, Rick Tonna as Dino's Heavy, Mark Campbell as Dino's Heavy, Kent Clifton-Bligh as Police Diver, Greg Paul as Police Diver; Stunt Performer: Russell Allan

Cast Off (Part 4)

Episode 1.21
Tuesday, May 25, 1999
Written by Everett De Roche
Directed by Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Following Peter's abrupt resignation, the Unit grows concerned over his developing relationship with Christina, so MacKenzie orders Angie and Stone to tail his every move. Church is forced to come to terms with the truth about Christina's involvement with Rossi family business but refuses to testify against Dino. Subsequently, the case falls apart and Dino walks free. Church has joined the ranks of the Rossi family and his betrayal of the Unit appears to be complete.

Guest Starring: Christine Stephen-Daly as Christina Brock, Robert Mammone as Dino Rossi, Robert Taylor as Det Sgt Mick Foley, Peter Hardy as Det Insp Ron Leighton, Tim Hughes as Gab Marriotti, Geoff Parry as Yacht Broker, Kane McDonald as Beanbag, Camilla Knowles as Apartment Resident, Ron Kamoen as Barman

Dead Man's Throw (Part 5)

Episode 1.22
Tuesday, June 01, 1999
Written by Roger Simpson and Jo Martino
Directed by David Cameron

The Unit continues their investigation into the Rossi family but with Church now on the other side. When someone tries to sell Dino details about Church, the Unit works to prevent Church's cover being blown. Inevitably, the truth about Church's undercover identity is revealed, resulting in a deadly race against time for Church to save his relationship and his life.

Guest Starring: Christine Stephen-Daly as Christina Brock, Robert Mammone as Dino Rossi, Robert Talyor as Det Sgt Mick Foley, Peter Hardy as Det Insp Ron Leighton, Syd Brisbane as Sam Guiness, Shannika Marguccio as Francesca Rossi, Patrick Wiliiams [sic] as Barman, Gillian Hardy as Real Estate Agent, Jack Migdalek as Prospective Buyer, Jason Falla as Pesca Detective, James Judge as Pesca Detective, Ralph Marrison as Observation/Surveillance, Rick Fletcher as Observation/Surveillance, Mark Keirl as Observation/Surveillance, Michael Saunders as Observation/Surveillance, Tessa Jetson as Undercover Operative