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Kendall and Phelps

Tug of love

A battle brews as Church and Harris fight for Angie's affection.

For months, Angie Piper has secretly pined for her undercover colleague Peter Church—but much to the gorgeous officer's frustration, her feelings have not been reciprocated.

Church has failed to see her as anything other than a co-worker—until now, that is!

TV WEEK can reveal that in a red-hot development in his cop drama Stingers, Angie (Kate Kendall) will find herself at the centre of an intense tug of war between Church (Peter Phelps) and their tough boss Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Harris (Gary Sweet).

Harris is unable to deny his growing attraction to Angie and asks her out on a date.

Meanwhile, Church wakes up to the fact that he also cares for his colleague. Has he come to the realisation too late?

"Previously, Angie has found a flame in her heart for Church, but he was just completely oblivious to her feelings," Kate says.

"It's only when she starts to move on from Church having got some signals from Harris, that Church becomes intrigued.

"she finds herself being fought over," Kate continues. "Angie is at the centre of attention between two guys, and she really likes it. Church is playing catch-up footy now—and Harris is knocking at the door."

Peter laughs at this dramatic shift in the balance of romantic power.

"Church has been a bit of knucklehead," he says. "But it's that old story of being around someone for a long time and not thinking of them in a romantic sense because the other person hasn't expressed their feelings.

"When Angie seems unobtainable, Church becomes interested. It happens so often in life. Unrequited love becomes requited and is then unrequited again."

In this week's crucial episode of Stingers [#132, Priapus' Playground], Angie and Church embark on their latest undercover investigation—a swingers club where they believe a drug ring has been established.

"Church has to convince the swingers that he and Angie are an item," Kate says. "Harris is listening in on all this from the communications vehicle, and he's going a whiter shade of pale!"

During the covert operation, the pair must behave like a couple in lust. Later, Church confronts Angie. He is convinced there is a real spark between them, but she denies feeling anything for him. Will Church persevere?

"The seed has been planted in Church about something happening with Angie," Peter says. "But she's getting closer to Harris, so it could be too late for him.

"Angie and Church have been in so many serious situations together, and no one else can understand what they have been through. She gets his foibles and he gets hers. They've laughed and cried together. And there's an attraction there."

As for Angie's date with Harris, he makes it clear he is interested in more than just friendship.

"Harris likes the way Angie caries herself," Kate says. "She's standing out from the crowd more and he notices that."

Angie's not so sure about him, though.

"She doesn't completely understand him, but she's intrigued by him," Kate says.

"He's showing a more vulnerable side of his personality an opening up more. Angie is starting to think, 'Maybe there's more to this guys that I thought.'"

By Jackie Brygel
May 2003
TV Week