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Anita Hegh and John Adam

Mac is torn between duty and her love for art thief Gene.

Mac makes her choice

Life on the wrong side of the law is tempting Mac

The season finale of Stingers promises more than a few surprises, not the least of which is Ellen “Mac” Mackenzie’s shock departure from the undercover unit she has served so well for so long.

“Mackenzie’s decision to leave is purred on by a whole lot of events that happened in the preceding couple of episodes,” says Anita Hegh, who plays Mac.

After last week’s emotional farewell to Oscar Stone (Ian Stenlake), Mac appears to be questioning her line of work.

“IT all has an effect on her,” Anita says. “Mac freaks out and starts wondering what it’s all about.

“And then this ex-love comes back into her life. He comes back on the scene ad shakes everything up at a time when she’s feeling vulnerable.”

With the rekindling of their romance, Mac has to decide what she really wants out of life. The trouble is that her former lover is on the wrong side of the law !

‘It’s true,” Anita laughs. “He’s a bad guy. But he was the person that she always really loved.”

Art thief Gene Rubin (John Adam) is the man in question.

“Ellen has a love-hate feeling about him,” Anita says. “Last time she was him she was in love with him, but he had to disappear because the police were on his tail.”

Now that he’s back in town, Gene becomes the chief suspect in a heist. Professionally, Mac sets about to get him—but emotionally, she’s a wreck!

“Normally, Mac is very sensible,” Anita says. “But this time, she’s out to nail this guy while also rekindling their romance. So you’re wondering just which way she’ll go.”

Whatever decision encourages Mac’s departure, one thing is for sure. It will leave the position of head of the undercover unit wide open. Is there anyone with the experience and ability to fill Mac’s formidable shoes?

“I think Peter Church [Peter Phelps] might be too much of a loose cannon,” laughs Anita. “Although there might be a certain young lady up for promotion…”

TV Week
July 2002