The Steph Show: episode guide

Episode 1.01

Friday, July 28, 2006 (Ten)

The writing and recording process of the album Tightrope found Steph travelling all over the world to studios in LA, London and Sweden along with her hometown of Melbourne. Tightrope was two years in the making, and Steph had a film crew following her around the world documenting the journey.
Episode one follows Steph as she films the video for her first single, Mistake, with Ryan Carnes.

Episode 1.02

August 04, 2006

Steph travels to Los Angeles before returning to Australia to celebrate her 21st birthday. She gives viewers a quick tour of the Neighbours filming locations before jetting to New York to record a song.

Episode 1.03

August 11, 2006

Steph moves into her first apartment, travels with friends to Mt Buller for some skiing, and makes an appearance on Hamish and Andy's radio show to promote new album before travelling to the offices of Universal Music to listen to her completed album for the first time.

Episode 1.04

August 18, 2006

Steph talks with her brother, Jason Donovan, about his days in Neighbours before going into the studio to records the song "Wishing and Hoping". After a photo shoot, Steph goes shopping to pick out jewelery for her promotional tour and goes to a Melbourne movie premiere.

Episode 1.05

August 25, 2006

Stephanie makes a series of media appearances on radio and television to promote her new album.

Episode 1.06

Molly Meldrum and Steph

September 01, 2006

Stephanie continues her promotinal tour with an interview by Molly Meldrum for "Sunrise" and a number of other media outlets. Steph and friends Pippa and Georgia go horseback riding.

Episode 1.07


September 08, 2006

Steph receives new about her debut single's success, receives a vocal lesson, attends the university graduation of Nick's brother Alex, works on the design of her dress for the MTV's Video Music Awards with and makes a pair of TV appearances on So Fresh and Sarvo.

Episode 1.08 (finale)

September 15, 2006

Steph travels to Fox Studios in Sydney to film the video for her second single, Tightrope, with director Anthony Rose.