Produced by Crawfords Australia and Harvey Taft Productions

Executive Producers: Bruce Gordon, John Kearney and David Rouse
Producers: David Taft and Michael Harvey
Story Editor: Michael Harvey
Script Editor: Susan Hore

Aired: 1997–1998

A fast-paced television drama set within the fascinating environment of a State Coroner's office complex. Each day a team of highly trained professionals deal with the questions of deaths, murders, accidents, suicides, fires, drownings and even the odd natural cause. We see their battles with grieving families, slow or meddling authorities and organized crime, from the initial inquiry through to the courtroom appearances and the Coroner's final verdict and recommendations for trial or reform.
Wendy HughesKate Ferrari
Bob BainesClive Trimble
Christopher StolleryDermot McLeod
Elaine SmithJulie Travers
Elise McCredieSharon Riley
Nick CarrafaGeorge Cardillo
Kristian PithiePaul Weiss
Christopher GabardiDaniel Ferris
James ReyneLiam Pearce
Andrew ClarkeColin Decker
Robert GrubbHugh Ferrari
Asher KeddieClaire Ferrari
Jennifer BoticaLiz Mason
Martin JacobsFrank Kelso
Alan DaleDudley Mills
Richard MossGascoyne
Jerome PrideRoly Fox
Peter HoskingPhil Daly
cast photo

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