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Part Three

UK: December 15, 1993
Written by Ben Elton
Directed by Nadia Tass

The final episode in Ben Elton's adventure comedy set in Australia about a motley group of eco-activists who uncover a plot to destroy the world — the Stark conspiracy.

The Stark master-plan for the planet earth is now in its final countdown, with the would-be heroes of the hour in the conspirators' clutches. Can Zimmerman lead the team to freedom and find Stark in time?


  • Colin Friels as Sly
  • Ben Elton as CD
  • Derrick O'Connor as Zimmerman
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Rachel
  • Deborra-Lee Furness as Chrissie
  • Bill Wallis as Walter
  • Fiona Press as Karen
  • Bill Hunter as Ocker Tyron
  • Colette Mann as Dixie
  • Gwen Plumb as Mrs. Tyron
  • John Neville as De Quincy


  • Barbara Henry as Mrs. Culboon
  • James Hagan as Du Pont
  • Nicholas Papademetriou as Aristos Tyron
  • John Bishop as Foreman [Jack]
  • Marshall Napier as Private Detective
  • Eddie McShortall as Stark Guard
  • Tom Coltraine as Stark Guard
  • George Novak as Stark Guard
  • George Vidalis as Stark Guard
  • Zev Eleftheriou as Stark Guard
  • John Alansu as Nagasyu
  • Lynn Williams as TV Producer
  • Michael Veitch as TV Presenter
  • Helen Kent as Suki
  • Bruce Venables as Slampacker
  • George Whaley as Australian Politician
  • Michael Edward-Stevens as US Military Officer
  • George Mikell as NATO Military Officer