Spyforce: episode guide

The General

Episode 1.01
Thu, August 26, 1971 (7:30)
Writer: Ron McLean
Director: David Baker

Erskine is coerced by Colonel Cato into re-entering New Ireland to steal a list of German agents operating in Australia that is being held by a German general. Erskine has to do this before the German spies can coordinate with Japanese forces on a series of raids in Australia. Erskine is reluctantly paired up with Gunther Haber, a German man willing to help in exchange for his family's continued safety in Australia.©tzuk

Starring: Jack Thompson as Erskine, Peter Sumner as Gunther Haber

With: Redmond Phillips as Colonel Cato, Katy Wild as Lieutenant French, Bill Hunter as Captain Pollock, Max Cullen as Barrow

Guest Cast: Takeo Ono as Japanese Soldier, Masayuki Nagae as Japanese Soldier, Don Reid as General Henschell, Leila Blake as Mrs. Bergman

Note: all airdates are for Melbourne screenings. Only the credited cast is listed but each episode typically has a few actors who go uncredited. The "Starring" and "Withs" are the same for all episodes and won't be repeated. Bill Hunter appears infrequently and Max Cullen less so.

Death Railway

Episode 1.02
Thu, September 02, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Colonel Cato sends Erskine and Haber into Burma to interupt Japanese supply lines. Their objective is to destroy the a bridge leading to the construction camp for the Burma-Siam railway that is being built with Allied forced labour. When their attempt fails they are captured and placed in the labour camp where they encounter an Australian engineer working for the Japanese on the railway's construction. Cato gets word to them through a local agent that he wants them to steal the railway bluebrints to facilitate a larger strike on the construction project.©tzuk

Guest Cast: John Meillon as Major John Carpenter, Lorraine Bayly as Julia Carpenter, Kuki Kaa as Sergeant Shikoya, Martin Vaughan as Sergeant Wills, John Trenaman as Wing Commander Burgess, George Assang as Telak

Uncredited: Charles McCallum as Sir Geoffrey

Portuguese Man of War

Episode 1.03
Thu, September 09, 1971
W: Ted Roberts
D: Ron Way

Haber is placed undercover with two captured germans at Fort Denison. A German raiding party has been sabotaging strategic installations in Sydney and Cato hopes Haber can learn the identity of the remaining agents who are still at large. Meanwhile, Erskine investigates members of the local Portuguese fishing community in search of the individuals who have been supplying the Germans with weapons and explosives. They must act quickly to prevent an attack on the troop carrier the Queen Mary.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Alister Smart as Carlos, Victoria Anoux as Domenica, Keith Lee as Kleber, Charles Thorne as Hans, Walter Sullivan as Captain Bennett

Uncredited: Gordon Piper as Sergeant

The Prisoner

Episode 1.04
Thu, September 16, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

Armed with fabricated evidence showing that Erskine and Haber are responsible for a civilian masacre in New Ireland, Cato blackmails the pair into infiltrating Singapore's Changi Prison to rescue a British bacteriologist vital to the war effort. Meanwhile, Lieutenant French goes undercover at a university to learn the identity of the man making the poison that is being used on local water supplies.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Don Crosby as Professor Trilby, Kuki Kaa as Colonel Mayusaki, Harry Lawrence as Doc, Reg Evans as Prune, Tony Thurbon as Sangster, Terry Erwin as Japanese Soldier, Gerry Duggan as Night Watchman, Henri Szeps as Dingo, Max Meldrum as Pascoe, Stanley Walsh as Dr. Hungerford

The Bridge

Episode 1.05
Thu, September 30, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Erskine and Haber rob a jewellers in a futile attempt to avoid Cato's latest assignment. They are sent to New Ireland to rescue Leonard Gould, an agent carrying valuable radio cyphers. Gould is dead but they find the woman they both love but she refuses to leave with them fearing what would await her in Australia. In the course of their mission, Erskine and Haber discover the Japanese have plans to destroy the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Meanwhile, Cato, French and Pollock search for the source of the explosives which they believe will be used to attack a shipping convoy. Once back in Australia, Erskine attempts to use the information about the true target of the attack as leverage to facilitate his and Haber's freedom from Cato.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Graham Corry as John Levenson, Rick Scully, Chin Yu Williams as Yaseki, Ray Lamont as Lt. Maurice Cooper

Uncredited: Gordon Piper as Eric

The Trader

Episode 1.06
Thu, October 07, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Attacked by the Japanese while escorting a small group of civilians out of New Guinea, Erskine and Haber miss their rendezvous with the evacuation submarine forcing them to take the group to a trading post to await rescue. Back in Sydney, Cato recruits a Canadian sailor with an extensive knowledge of the New Guinean coast to help with their rescue. One of the evacuees is Cato's top agent and has information about how the Japanese are getting information about Allied troop movements.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Johnny Lockwood as Ruben Nathan, Tony Bazell as Muswell Brown, Arna Maria Winchester as Jill Stewart, Nancy Knudsen as Edith Harper, Bryan Niland as Victor Harper, Raymond Duparc as Naval Commander, Brian Evis as Eddie Ellis,

Uncredited: Danny Adcock as Radio Operator

The Escape

Episode 1.07
Thu, October 14, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

A German general is captured when his Japanese Zero fighter is shot down. Because he is in charge of the Luftwaffe's research department and a specialist in the V2 flying bomb program, Cato believes he is advising the Japanese on the weapon. With the Germans and Americans both eager to get their hands on the general, Erskine and Haber are assigned to guard him against escape or rescue. Meanwhile, German agents abduct Lieutenant French to learn where the general is being held and a civilian code-breaker uncovers the identity of a german spy operating in the open.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Ewen Solon as Hochstraadt, Kevin Golsby as James Brooks, David Copping as Gardiner, Gordon Lishman as Professor Bunnington, Charles Moody as Bosely

27 Hours

Episode 1.08
Sat, October 23, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

After a series of attempts on the life of General Hochstraadt, Erskine and Haber are assigned to escort the captured German on a non-stop 27 hour flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka where he is to be handed over to the British. The crew put a stop to Hochstraadt's attempt to commandeer the plane but when the pilot is killed in an attack by a Zero, only Hochstraadt can fly the plane to safety.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Ewen Solon as Hochstraadt, Helen Morse as Nurse, Ron Graham as Ron, Tony Ingersent as Tony, John Faassen as Mr. White

The Volunteers [Part One]

Episode 1.09
Sat, October 30, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

Erskine and Haber are put in command of an expedition into Japanese-controlled waters onboard an old sailing vessel. Their mission takes them into Japanese-controlled Singapore Harbour with orders to sink a number of vessels carrying invaluable resources and war materials. The already difficult mission is compromised by the presence of an imposter.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Warwick Sims as Captain Todmanton, Fred Betts as Dowell, Kevin Leslie as Corporal Harmon, Darryl Morton as Sgt Horrie Jackson, Cecil Parkee as Lee Yang, Jacki Weaver as Elaine Harrison, Reg Gorman as Eddie, Allan Lander as Major Sinclair

Uncredited: Barry Donnelly as Sgt. Jennings, Michelle Fawdon as Veronica

The Volunteers [Part Two]

Episode 1.10
Sat, November 06, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

With the ship steaming toward Singapore Harbour, the attack plan is changed with Erskine going on alone with Haber left behind on the ship to uncover the identity of the German agent who has been sabotaging their efforts. Back in Sydney, the team apprehend a foreign agent who they hope can identify the saboteur.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Warwick Sims as Captain Todmanton, Fred Betts as Dowell, Kevin Leslie as Corporal Harmon, Darryl Morton as Sgt Horrie Jackson, Cecil Parkee as Lee Yang, James Moss as William Bland, Sinan Leong as Native Girl

The Countess

Episode 1.11
Sat, November 27, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

Under pressure from his allies, Colonel Cato dispatches Erskine and Haber to the Portuguese colony of Macao to retrieve valuable information on Japanese troop deployments. To avoid violating Macao's neutrality, they must travel under German identities, Erskine as a mute weapons researcher and Haber as a member of the Gestapo. They are aided by a Portuguese Countess working for the Allies. Back in Sydney, French and Pollock go undercover to catch an antiques dealer transmitting information to the Germans.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Anna Volska as The Countess, Louis Wishart as German Ambassador, Peter Reynolds as Schmidt, John Soo as Ikanyu, Josef Drewniak as Grekov

Uncredited: Richard May as Alvares, Roger Mirams as Schuller

The Cripple

Episode 1.12
Sat, December 04, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Erskine is shot while he and Haber are exfiltrating Japanese-held territory after their latest mission. After eight weeks Erskine is still unable to move his legs but his doctor insists there's nothing physically wrong with him and his condition is psychosomatic — he can't walk because he believes he can't walk. Cato arranges for Erskine to convalesce at a beach house with a private nurse and some light duties to keep him occupied but Erskine finds himself also having to fend off two determined killers.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Helen Morse as Joan, Barry Lovett as Dr. Delaney, Tim Elliott as Agent, Peter Armstrong as Agent, Bunny Gibson as Nurse

The Assassin

Episode 1.13
Sat, November 13, 1971
W: Peter Schreck
D: David Baker

News that Douglas MacArthur will be travelling to Australia prompts the Japanese to ask Adolf Hitler to send an operative to Australia to assassinate the American general. Cato is convinced MacArthur's security is inadequate and arranges for Erskine and Haber to kidnap him. After proving the point, Erskine and Haber are tasked with stopping the assassin.©tzuk

Guest Cast: John Sanger as Carl Schmidt, John Marchant as Corporal James Stacey, Jill Forster as Anna, Stewart Ginn as Frank Newman

Uncredited: Mike Dorsey as American officer, Peter Corbett as MP

The Tunku

Episode 1.14
Sat, December 11, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

The ambush of a Japanese supply column by Malayan resistance fighters prompts the Japanese to demand Selangor leadership broadcast an appeal to the local villagers to stop supporting the guerrillas. Cato orders Erskine and Haber into Malaysia to rescue or kill the Tunku and his daughter before he can make the broadcast.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Anne Lucas as Elizabeth, Tom Lake as The Tunku, I. Sujimoto as Komoto

The Gunner

Episode 1.15
Sat, December 18, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Haber is sent into New Guinea where he joins up Jill Stewart en route to a meeting with a local contact as part of an operation to attack a Japanese convoy in Lae Harbour. Along the way they encounter a traumatised soldier, the last surviving member of an artillery unit that was ambushed by the Japanese after their arrival eight months previously. The man, now playing the roles of his fallen comrades to no purpose, refuses to leave his post to join Haber and Stewart but proves invaluable after their contact betrays them to the Japanese requiring a change in plans.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Peter Whittle as Warrant Officer Reeves, Arna Maria Winchester as Jill Stewart, Dennis Clinton as Pedro Vamaar, Terry Erwin as Isaki

The Saviour

Episode 1.16
Wed, March 29, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Cato sends Erskine, Haber and French into New Guinea to exfiltrate a doctor who has refused previous efforts to get him out of the country. After locating Doctor Brookman, the group is attacked by the Japanese who capture French and a nun working with Brookman. American Intelligence is eager to get their hands on the doctor before the Russians due to his work on the atomic bomb experiments. However, Cato wants to leverage Brookman to acquire long-sought Japanese military codes from the Americans.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Alfred Sandor as Dr. Wayne Brookman, Benita Collings as Sister Hilda, Gavin Hamilton as ?, Francis Deal as ?

Uncredited: Bunny Gibson as Lieutenant

The Saviour, Part Two

Episode 1.17
Wed, April 05, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

After convincing Brookman to return to Australia with them, Erskine and Haber turn their attention to rescuing Lt. French and Sister Hilda from the Japanese. The women have been taken to a Japanese-occupied mission school where they must also rescue a group of children. The rescue is fouled and everyone is captured as a result of the pacifist Brookman turning himself over to the Japanese in addition to a collaborator operating in their midst. French escapes into the jungle and happens across an American airman who's gone native after being shot down. Working together they save the others. Meanwhile, Cato's identifies a traitor but his hopes of obtaining the Japanese military codes are dashed.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Alfred Sandor as Dr. Brookman, Benita Collings as Sister Hilda, Enid Lorimer as Miss Smith, Michael Springfield as Mike Somers, Matthew Crosby as Gordon

Notes: eight-year-old Russell Crowe's first (uncredited) acting role playing one of the orphan children (pictured in the striped shirt). Matthew Crosby is miscredited as Marshall Crosby, he's second from the left in the image

The Samurai

Episode 1.18
Wed, January 12, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker and Howard Rubie

Posing as escaped POWs, Erskine and Haber are sent to a remote island off the east coast of Malaya to capture Nikolu Yaratomo, Japan's top intelligence officer and a self-styled samurai warrior. The Americans want Yaratomo taken alive but Colonel Cato gives his men approval to eliminate him. While Erskine is enjoying life in the village, Haber is captured and hunted through the jungle by the sadistic Yaratomo.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Kuki Kaa as Nikolu Yaratomo, Yanti Lay as Leila

Uncredited: Fred Scheiwiller as American Pilot

The Bunker

Episode 1.19
Sat, January 01, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Seeking refuge from Japanese soldiers while on a mission in New Guinea on Christmas Eve, Erskine and Haber hole up in an abandoned communications bunker which comes under artillery bombardment by allied forces who are unaware of their presence. Two Japanese soldiers take the bunker, and one, a doctor, must aide an injured Haber as the shelling resumes, this time from the Japanese.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Tom Nagasaki as Japanese Soldier, Lim Muy Hong as Japanese Soldier, Brendon Lunney as Soldier, Don Reid as Brigadier Peters, Ken Fraser as Squadron Leader, Lex Mitchell as Sergeant

Reilley's Army

Episode 1.20
Thu, September 23, 1971
W: Peter Schreck
D: David Baker

Colonel Cato sends Erskine and Haber into New Guinea to bring out Leon Reilley. Reilley is living amongst the natives and conducting a private guerilla war against the Japanese resulting in reprisal attacks against Australia's coast watchers who are keeping an eye on enemy ship movements. When Reilley refuses to leave, Cato sends the trio on a dangerous mission to destroy a Japanese fuel depot. Meanwhile, Cato assigns Lieutenant French to keep an eye on Reilley's wife who is passing on classified information to foreign agents.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Chips Rafferty M.B.E. as Leon Reilley, Diana Davidson as Mrs. Reilley, Denys Pigott as Kyeti, Patrick McCarville as Roberts

Uncredited: Bill Ward as Anali

Note: the final role for Chips Rafferty

The Courier

Episode 1.21
Wed, March 08, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

After Erskine captures a Japanese courier in New Guinea, Cato sends Lieutenant French to Darwin to nurse the injured man during their flight back to Sydney. When the plane is forced to land to make engine repairs, their pilot abandons them in the middle of the Outback. Erskine and French are forced to walk for help while pursued by the gun-weilding pilot who is determined to finishing them off.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Jeff Ashby as Van Gelder, Roslyn Wilson as Lieutenant, Ben Blakeney as Boundary Rider, Charles Thorne as Brigadier Don Stevens

Uncredited: Shito Shega as Courier, Ben Blakeney as Native 1, Steve Dodd as Native 2

The Doctor

Episode 1.22
Wed, January 19, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Members of the German Nazi party have abducted the wife of a doctor to force him to cooperate with their plan to ship toxic penicillin to allied field hospitals which would kill the soldiers treated with the drug.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Susannah Brett as Helga Vermaar, Kevin Manser as Dr. Henry Holmann, Alan Tobin as Peter Vermaar, Noeline Brown as Mrs. Vermaar, Beryl Cheers as Woman In Phone Booth,

Uncredited: Les Foxcroft as Barman, et al.

The Major

Episode 1.23
Wed, January 05, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker and Howard Rubie

Cato assigns Erskine to escort engineer Jill Stewart on a dangerous mission into Bruma to destroy a bridge vital to the Japanese effort to push into China. After parachuting in, they encounter the remains of a British unit assumed to be lost behind enemy lines.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Arna Maria Winchester as Jill Stewart, Nick Tate as Sgt. Maconichie, Tony Wager as Major Hawkins, Robert Blackman as William Ferris

The Lovers

Episode 1.24
Tue, August 31, 1971
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Colonel Cato sends Haber and Erskine into New Guinea to extract Terry Fellows, an officer with vital information about coast watcher activities. With Fellows are two civilians, Bryce Matthews and his wife Trish, a woman Haber almost married before the war. Once back in Australia, a devastating secret is revealed.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Don Pascoe as Bryce Mathews, Rowena Wallace as Trish Mathews, Brendon Lunney as Terry Fellows

The Chase

Episode 1.25
Wed, March 01, 1972
W: Ron McLean
Story by Peter Schreck
D: David Baker

Colonel Cato, acting under political pressure, sends Erskine and Haber into New Guinea to rescue an influential man's son, a cowardly Army officer, from a Japanese prison camp. Relentlessly pursued by Japanese forces on their journey to the submarine rendezvous, Erskine and Haber conclude that entire mission was a set-up. The Japanese knew of the plan from the very beginning.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Richard Lupino as Captain Charles Jensen, John Armstrong as Corporal Rose, Max Osbiston as Sir Roland Jensen, Jimmy Shinohara as Japanese Officer

The Diplomat

Episode 1.26
Wed, February 09, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker and Howard Rubie

Colonel Cato sends Haber into Japan in his stead to evaluate a proposal for the Japanese surrender by members of the Japanese Cabinet. Haber and his contact are captured by the Germans and Haber tries to pass himself off as a member of the Gestapo to avoid being tortured. When Haber is late returning, Erskine leads a raid on the fishing village to rescue Haber.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Peter Reynolds as General Hacher, Kuki Kaa as Hiromoto, I. Shimotu as Yoriko, Cheiko Moiyu as Mitsui, Shito Shega as Japanese Soldier

Uncredited: David Lu as Major Tanaka, unknown as Daphne

The District Commissioner

Episode 2.01 (27)
Wed, February 23, 1972
Writer: Ron McLean
Director: Howard Rubie

In New Guinea, Erskine leaves his embattled men to seek help from a nearby village where he encounters a District Commissioner who refuses to help. Erskine manages to radio for help and a bombing raid soon frees the way for his men to escape. Meanwhile, Cato suspects Japan is seeking to incite an inter-tribal war to undermine Australian authority in the region. ©tzuk

Starring: Jack Thompson as Erskine, Peter Sumner as Gunther Haber, Redmond Phillips as Colonel Cato, Katy Wild as Lieutenant French

Guest Cast: Tony Wager as Charles Wilson, Barbara Frawley as Mrs Wilson, Martin Nolo as Martin; The People of The Asaro District, New Guinea

Uncredited: Nick Tate

The Troupers

Episode 2.02 (28)
Wed, March 15, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Ron Way

A trio of Australian performers travelling in New Guinea are captured by the Japanese. The troupe is in possession of a list of strategically important allied camp locations and Cato is eager to see the information secured. He calls on Erskine and Haber to rescue the entertainers.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Colin Croft as The Great Waldo, Buster Fiddes as Tripper, Shirley Cameron as Shirlene, John Soo as Japanese Commander

Uncredited: Stuart Finch as Captain Bergen, Diana Davidson as Mirna Williams, Lex Mitchell as Sgt. Gates, Steve Dodd as Tracker

The Encounter

Episode 2.03 (29)
Wed, March 22, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

Erskine is sent to Fiji where he apprehends an American deserter, Captain Vincent Delaporte. Delaporte is to stand trial, accused of massacring the residents of a village in the Phillipenes, but an attempt on Delaporte's life upon arriving in Australia complicates his handover to the Americans. While Erskine entertains Delaporte's wife at Cato's beach house, Cato comes to suspect Delaporte is being made a scapegoat and endeavours to find out why.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Reg Gillam as Captain Vincent Delaporte, Richard Newellen as General Thomas T. Thomas Jr., Harry Harris as Colonel Carter, Maggie Ohlbeck as Louise Delaporte, Jamie Hoskins as Lieutenant J.G. Carter

Uncredited: Charles McCallum as Diner

The Breakout

Episode 2.04 (30)
Mon, November 13, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Cato sends Erskine into New Guinea to rescue a group of Australian soldiers captured by the Japanese. Speed is of the utmost importance as one of the officers has important information about an upcoming Allied military operation. Cato is clear in his orders — rescued or killed, the men must not be allowed to reveal to the Japanese what they know.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Lionel Long as Captain Greene, Ronnie Arnold as Lance-Corporal Wada, Patrick Ward as Lieutenant Wills, Kevin Leslie as Sergeant Warren, Gregory Ross as Captain Purnell

Uncredited: Steven Tandy as Priv. Daniel Johns

The Interrogator

Episode 2.05 (31)
Fri, January 19, 1973
W: Ron McLean
D: Ron Way

Colonel Cato and Lieutenant French are captured by a German submarine crew while en route to Port Moresby for a conference. Cato is tortured to divulge information about Allied ship movements, his interrogator being an old acquaintance with whom he spars. When Japanese soldiers arrive, Cato, French and their captors must work together to fight off the new threat.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Peter Guest as Baron Van Luchost, Michael Kent as Klauss, Roger Milliss as Bill Endene, Gil Tucker as Pilot, Barbara Wyndon as Nurse

Uncredited: Bill Hunter as Captain Pollock

The Raiders

Episode 2.06 (32)
Wed, April 19, 1972
W: Ron McLean
Additional material W: Terry Bourke
D: Terry Bourke

A Japanese submarine is attacking Allied vessels north of Darwin jeopardizing an important fuel convoy. Cato recalls Haber and explosives expert Owen Davies from their current mission to locate the base of operations and destroy the sub. Davies' drinking puts the mission at risk when he leaves behind an important piece of radio equipment forcing the pair to improvise infiltrate a Japanese camp to report in.©tzuk

Guest Cast: John Meillon as Owen Davies, Mira Maric as The Duchess, Jimmy Shinohara as Japanese Commander, Raymond Duparc as Commander Barnes, Stuart Finch as Captain Bergen

The Forger

Episode 2.07 (33)
Wed, April 26, 1972
W: Peter Schreck
D: David Baker

Harber and Matt Parsons are sent to the small Australian town of Karingal on an assignment to locate and destroy a German counterfeiting ring whose phoney bank notes threaten the Australian economy. The curious town is host to an odd assortment of residents who will go to any lengths necessary to stop Harber and Parsons from disrupting their treasonous business.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Nick Tate as Matt Parsons, Kirrily Nolan as Maria Hartman, Leonora Cornall as Wendy, Jack Allen as Bill Sloane, Fred Sims as Chris Williams, Louis Wishart as Ragnar Gottling, Jim Scullen, Les Berryman, Bill Charlton, Rilla Scott as Miss Deakon

The Correspondent

Episode 2.08 (34)
Mon, November 20, 1972
W: Ralph Peterson
D: Ron Way

Colonel Cato is forced to cancel an operation in Timor when an American war correspondent reports its confidential details. A furious Cato sends Haber and Captain Bergen to apprehend the security threat but political pressure forces Cato to release him. As a result of the mission's failure, several men are killed or captured by Japanese forces, including the son of an American senator who has knowledge of the Manhattan Project. Cato sends Haber and Captain Bergen to rescue the man but the operation is put at risk when the details are leaked — from someone in Cato's office.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Don Barkham as Corey Manton, Janet Kingsbury as Lt. Virginia Wetherby, Stuart Finch as Captain Bergen, John Ewart as Sergeant, Hudson Faucett as Senator Cavill

Uncredited: Brian Evis as Commander Cavill, John Clayton as Pilot

The Double Agent

Episode 2.09 (35)
Mon, December 04, 1972
W: Ralph Peterson
D: Ron Way

When an Irish-born German agent is captured in a prohibited area, Cato gets the man to cooperate to help stop German submarine activities off the Australian coast. While trying to avoid political interference in his operation, Cato sends Haber to meet with the man supplying the uboat with provisions so as to locate the submarine and destroy it.©tzuk

Guest Cast: John Allen as James Cooper, Jeanie Drynan as Kathy Reilly, John Fegan as Sean Reilly, John Morris as Colonel Missingham, Betty Dyson as Mrs. Reilly, Brian Anderson as Jones

Uncredited: Martin Magee as Lt. Masters

The Misfits

Episode 2.10 (36)
Mon, January 29, 1973
W: Terry Bourke
D: Terry Bourke

Erskine and Haber are in Burma to retrieve code-breaker Alistair Martin who has just escaped from a Japanese prison camp. Martin's talents are urgently needed to counter Japanese advances but his extraction is complicated by the large number of escaped prisoners, some injured, needing to be escorted through the jungle to safety.©tzuk

Guest Cast: John Bonney as Malone, Tom Oliver as Dorsey, Reg Gorman as Murphy, Graham Corry as Colonel Martin, Mark Healey as Rabbit, John Morris as Colonel Missingham, Max Meldrum as Henry Lawson, Harry Lawrence as Mallett, John Reilly as ?

The Mission

Episode 2.11 (37)
Mon, December 11, 1972
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

When Erskine contracts Malaria while on assignment, his is forced to take shelter at a hospital mission operating on the Japanese occupied island until his pickup arrives. The hospital is allowed to operate under an informal agreement with the Japanese which Eskine's presence upsets when the Japanese arrive in search of him.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Judy Lynne as Sister, Edward Howell as Dr. O'Hara, Jim Clifford as Captain Okiroa

Uncredited: Ron Graham as Pilot, Tony Ingersent as Co-pilot (both in footage from ep 8)

The Journey

Episode 2.12 (38)
Mon, January 22, 1973
W: Ron McLean
D: David Baker

Erskine and Haber evacuate a small group from Sumatra. Cato is informed one of the passengers is a British secret agent who the Japanese will go to any length to capture to disrupt the British espionage network. On the flight back to Australia, Erskine and Haber discover one of the passengers is secretly transmitting their location to the Japanese. The plane is diverted from its refuelling destination in Bali but a murder increases the urgency of finding the turncoat.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Ken Goodlet as Gordon Bruce, Owen Weingott as Pastor Simons, Serge Lazareff as Lance Corporal Wayne Goodser, Alexandra Hines as Mrs. Goodser, Vaughan Tracey as Merrick, Raymond Duparc as Col. David Fenchurch, Doug Kinsgman as Radio Operator, John Hargreaves as Navigator

Uncredited: Lex Mitchell as Pilot, Jimmy Shinohara as Japanese officer

The Decoy

Episode 2.13 (39)
Mon, January 15, 1973
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Colonel Cato sends Erskine on a mission to destroy a strategic Japanese fuel depot on a small Pacific island. In addition to crippling the enemy fleet, his attack will serve as a distraction for an Allied land assault elsewhere. However, when Erskine arrives at the formerly British-operated oil base, he discovers a community of British women and children being held captive — the families of the men who used to work there but left to fight in the war.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Pat Bishop as Judy, The Families of the Naval Station at Manus Island

The Murder

Episode 2.14 (40)
Mon, November 12, 1973
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Colonel Cato is assassinated by an unknown gunman while working late in his office. Erskine, Haber, and French are told he died of a heart attack but they endeavour to find out the truth and the reason for the coverup after Erskine finds evidence of murder.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Gordon Glenwright as Brigadier Barton, Walter Sullivan as Major Tyndale, Nick Tate as Matt Parsons, Gerry Duggan as Caretaker

Uncredited: Gordon Piper as Gravedigger

The Trail

Episode 2.15 (41)
Mon, November 19, 1973
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Erskine accompanies two Army nurses to a medical aid station on the Kakoda Trail in New Guinea. When he discovers a Japanese platoon in the region his report is suppressed by area Commander who refuses to allow the post to be evacuated. When the Japanese close in, the field hospital's staff and patients must fend off the attack.

Guest Cast: Lew Luton as Major Martin, Ann Sidney as Sabre Jones, Lyndall Moor as Penny Wilson, James Moss as Lt. Gen. John Dowell, John Blackall as Gen. Tom Horrie

Uncredited: John Hargreaves as Captain, Steve Dodd as Soldier

The Rolls That Went To War

Episode 2.16 (42)
Fri, February 02, 1973
W: Ron McLean
D: Howard Rubie

Erskine's plane is shot down and he is washed ashore on an isolated Malayan peninsula. He is found by a group of Allied agents who crash-landed some months previously and are hiding out in an abandoned mansion. Erskine is wary of the group, but he must depend on them to complete his mission to destroy a bridge, which is vital to Allied war efforts.

Starring: Jack Thompson as Erskine, Tony Wager as Major Marcus Mills, Kuki Kaa as Matthas, Don Barkham as Latuece, Ann Sidney as Veronica Savage, Tina Cornioley as Penelope, Marilyn Mayo as Juliet, Max Cullen as Osgood, Bunny Gibson as Doris Simpson, Shito Shega as Japanese Officer, Willie Fennell as Brigenden-Smith

Uncredited: Anne Lucas as Stephanie

Notes: this episode was a pilot for a proposed spin-off series. Peter Sumner, Katy Wild and Redmond Philips do not appear