A Film Australia co-production with Polish Television, Shanghai Film Studios and the Nine Network
with assistance from the Australian Film Finance Corporation
A Film Australia/Southern Star Production

Written and Created by: Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson
Executive Producers: Ron Saunders, Kris Noble, Charlie Zhuo, and Andrzej Stempowski

Aired: 1997

Kathy Morgan is on a camping trip with her family when she finds a bamboo boat belonging to Mek, a scientist who has discovered a way of travelling between parallel worlds. Kathy meddles with the controls of the strange craft, accidentally sending herself and Mek to the world of the Spellbinders, where they meet Ashka, the ruthless and power-hungry Spellbinder. Ashka tricks them into helping her escape from prison and Mek takes her and Kathy to his home, the Land of the Dragon Lord. It is a world ruled by a spoilt 10-year-old boy whose magical powers are generated by the Oracle, a vast and ancient computer with extraordinary powers. Meanwhile, Kathy's family find their way into this world, only to be captured by a barbarian army intent on invading the Land of the Dragon Lord. But the villainous Ashka is already plotting to rule the world herself. A thrilling adventure ensues, crossing the boundaries of many dangerous and exciting parallel worlds as Kathy and Josh pursue Ashka in a race against time to rescue their family and save the Land of the Dragon Lord.
Lauren HewettKathy Morgan
Ryan KwantenJosh Morgan
Leonard FungSun
Anthony WongMek
Heather MitchellAshka
Me YangSharak
Lenore SmithVicky Morgan
Peter O'BrienCarl Morgan
Hu XinPrincess Aya
Gui JeilanJasmine
Wei QuimingMaster Ling
Justin RosniakTony
Lech MackiewiczDr. Elvo
Wenanty NosulLem
Katarzyna WalterGuin
Adam SiemionJez
Ye XiaokengGobbo
Wang Ya'nanRoggar
Rafal ZwierzGryvon
Russell NewmanBain
cast photo

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