Created by: Terry Stapleton
Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Ian Crawford & Terry Stapleton
Producers: Raymond Menmuir
Associate Producer: Ross Jennings

Aired: 1984–1985 (Network Ten, 43 x 60 min)

Special Squad—an elite group of crime fighters trained to a high degree of mental and physical stamina and backed by the most sophisticated electronic technology available. Don Anderson is the tough, straight, better than good detective. His men is the Special Squad call him the Boss, although he's still a street cop working out there, where the danger is, with his team. The Squad is trained to break major crime. Anderson's "team" is Greg Smith and Joel Davis. As a cop, Smith is sbuild like a tank, and he's ready to go through the door first every time. He knows, and is known by, every crook in and out of town. He also knows the rules and how far he can bend them. David has the charm of a diplomat, but he keeps fit like a football player. He needs to because they are always on the attack. Anderson, Smith and Davis are great partners when it comes to sorting out trouble. A prison break. Gangland revenge. Gambling. Vice. Murder. Drug- running. Robbery. Major, violent, deadly trouble.
Alan Cassell Det Insp. Don Anderson
John Diedrich Det Sgt Joel Davies
Anthony HawkinsDet Snr Sgt Greg Smith

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