Solo One: episode guide

The Runaway

Episode 1
June 18, 1976
Written by Tom Hegarty & Vince Moran
Directed by David Stevens

Gary Hogan wrangles a truant schoolboy who has been abandoned by his father who has gone off in search of work. While helping the boy, Gary is able to rescue his father from an abandoned mine.

Starring: Paul Cronin as Gary Hogan

With: Gregory Stroud as Kenny Hudson, Aileen Britton as Aunt Nan, Keith Eden as Joe Porter, Kay McFeeter as Fay Gibbs, Peter Cummins as Ross Hudson

Note: airdates are for the initial Melbourne broadcasts but the guide follows the DVD episode order

Goodbye George

Episode 2
June 25, 1976
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by David Stevens

A travelling ventriloquist steals an aging horse to be able to continue his journey to Emerald to attend the celebration for the new railway line extension. Joe Porter recognizes the man, who has a history of thefts, but must recruit him and the horse to avert a rail disaster.

Special Guest: Alwyn Kurts as Alfonso

With: Kerry Johnson as Wendy, Keith Eden as Joe Porter, Terry Trimble as Charlie Hunt, Andrew Cooke as John, Ronald Korosy as Tom

Serious Trouble

Episode 3
August 06, 1976
Written by Keith Thompson
Directed by Rod Hardy

Young Rosie Hood learns her brother, Frank, got roped into committing a robbery with another youth. When his partner in crime is arrested, Rosie watches as Frank flees on horseback into the ranges. Rosie eventually confesses to Gary Hogan and together they ride off in pursuit of her brother.

With: Debbie Ryan as Rosie Hood, James Elliott as Terry, David Atkins as Frank, Janne Coghlan as Sally, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, Ronald Thomas as Martin McGill, Francis Ottenson as Ted Blake

The Billabong

Episode 4
July 23, 1976
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by David Stevens

Gary Hogan is called on to mediate a dispute between landowner Dave Bradley and his elderly neighbour, Jack Norton. Dave has turned his land into a wildlife sanctuary, restricting access to fishing in the billabong where Jack has fished for years. Matters escalate when all the fish in the billabong are killed with explosives.

Special Guests: Gordon McDougall as Jack Norton, Normie Rowe as Dave Bradley

With: Keith Eden as Joe Porter, Roy Saunders as Frank Burns, Nicholas Berkalmans as Teddy Finch, Michael Barclay as Bert Finch, Cocky Watson as Himself

Strike Me Die Benson

Episode 5
July 09, 1976
Written by Gwenda Marsh
Directed by Rod Hardy

Two distant relatives' concern for the wellbeing of their elderly uncle — and his gold — puts Gary Hogan onto the trail of Bill Benson, a man determined to blow himself up in an old mine. Unaware of the danger they are walking into, Gary and Joe are almost caught in the blast but Gary goes into the collapsing mine to rescue old Bert.

Special Guest: Gerry Duggan as Bill Benson

With: Keith Eden as Joe Porter, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, John Cousins as Harry Riley, Lyn Flanagan as Vera Riley,

Summer Magic

Episode 6
August 27, 1976
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by David Stevens

Poultry farmer Frank Burgess calls on Gary Hogan for help after he discovers his chooks are being menaced by a dog. The dog belongs to a pair of travelling entertainers and Frank demands it be destroyed. However, after visit from the dog's owner, Frank becomes much more agreeable after being hypnotised. Gary invites the entertainers to perform at the Christmas show at the Emerald children's home before they move on.

With: Patricia Stephenson as Happy Vallee, Les Levante as Harry Bellamy, Keith Eden as Joe Porter, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, Terry Norris as Burgess, Andrea Butcher as Angela

The Bike

Episode 7
September 03, 1976
Written by John Drew
Story by Sandro Cardin
Directed by Rod Hardy

Young Bobby Duncan runs away from home after overhearing that his parents won't be able to afford to buy him the new bicycle they promised him for his birthday. Gary Hogan goes in search of Bobby and his best friend John who have hiked into the bush and gotten lost. Just when the boys find their bearings, Bobby is bitten by a tiger snake. Meanwhile, Aunty Nan helps by selling preserves to raise money for the family.

With: Stephen Dohl as Bobby, Anthony McManus as John, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, Terry Gill as Bill Duncan, Lyn Rowe as Louise Duncan

Watch Out For The Robinsons

Episode 8
July 02, 1976
Written by Phil Freedman
Directed by David Stevens

After a collision on the road with the ecentric Edgar Robinson, an unlicensed motorcycle rider who was on the wrong side of the road, Gary Hogan must again place his life in danger by overseeing the motorcycle licence test for the man's wife.

With: Brian James as Mr Robinson, Queenie Ashton as Mrs Robinson, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, Keith Eden as Joe Porter

River Pirates

Episode 9
August 20, 1976
Written by Keith Hetherington
Directed by Rod Hardy

Two young cousins get into trouble when their home-made raft sinks in the river. One boy makes it to shore but the other, who can't swim, is carried downstream into some dangerous rapids. Gary Hogan and one boy's father pursue to wayward child on the river while the boy who made it to shore takes it upon himself to follow in Gary's truck.

With: Terence Donovan as Bill Morgan, Mark Johnson as Donny, Adam Smibert as Mitch,

My Bonnie

Episode 10
July 30, 1976
Written by Everett De Roche
Directed by David Stevens

When schoolgirl Bonnie Pickett goes missing, her unapproving mother assumes her boyfriend is responsible. Meanwhile, Aunty Nan thinks the girl's father is a gangster.

With: Richard Morgan as Timmy Savage, Anne-Marie Johnson as Bonnie Pickett, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, Lesley Baker as Mrs. Pickett, Gus Mercurio as Mr Pickett, Denzil Howson as Savage

The Last Swagman

Episode 11
September 10, 1976
Written by Peter Schreck
Directed by Rod Hardy

An old swagman passing through town approaches Gary Hogan asking to be arrested for vagrancy. Instead, Gary finds him a job helping the Bob Williams with his sheering where he also helps mend Bob's relationship with his 16-year-old son who wants to move to the city.

With: Lionel Long as Bob Williams, Johnny Williams as Nick Williams, Hedley Cullen as Ambrose

Little Joe

Episode 12
July 16, 1976
Written by Sonia Borg
Directed by David Stevens

Gary Hogan encounters a young boy walking alone on a deserted stretch of road. He brings him back to the station but the child won't tell him or Aunty Nan his name and is quick to run off. The boy sneaks onto Mrs. Birch's wagon, hitching a ride back to her farm be finally opens up. Gary eventually finds him there and reunites him with his mother.

With: Richard Bakos as Joe Simpson, Pat Evison as Mrs. Birch, Elspeth Ballantyne as Sylvia, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan

The Man From Happy Valley

Episode 13
August 13, 1976
Written by John Drew
Story by Jeff Raleigh
Directed by Rod Hardy

When a young diabetic boy goes missing, Gary's best hope of locating him is a mentally disabled man who isn't forthwith in revealing what he knows. Gary also must deal with two boys who have been pestering the man.

With: George Spartels as Harry Thomas, Simon Slater as Jeff Davis, Aileen Britton as Aunty Nan, Andrew Cooke as John, Ronald Korosy as Tom, Vivian Gray as Mrs. Jupp, Marnie Randall as Mrs. Davis