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Small Claims starts shooting

Network Ten, UKTV Productions and RB Films in association with Ellipsis Productions are proud to announce that shooting of the new Australian telemovie Small Claims is under way. Starring two of Australia’s finest actors Rebecca Gibney (Stingers, Halifax, Day of the Roses) and Claudia Karvan (The Secret Life Of Us, My Brother Jack), Small Claims is a mystery about two overworked mums, thrown into a world of greed, murder and corruption. Ex-lawyer Chrissy, and cop Jo, are housewives who risk life and limb in the pursuit of justice, a hot cup of coffee and a good night’s sleep. It is directed by Cherie Nowlan and written by Keith Thompson and Kaye Bendle.

Some of Australia’s best-known actors have signed-on for roles in Small Claims including: Freya Stafford (Getting Square, White Collar Blue), Tina Bursill (Heroes’ Mountain, Grass Roots), Paul Barry (Love Is A Four Letter Word) Robert Mammone, Simon Westaway, David Roberts, Gyton Grantley, Natasha Beaumont, Carol Burns and Rebecca Massey.

Directed by Cherie Nowlan (Marking Time, Thank God He Met Lizzie) and written by Keith Thompson (White Collar Blue and Halifax f.p.) and Kaye Bendle (Australia’s Most Wanted), Small Claims is being shot on location in and around the Western suburbs of Sydney.

David Mott, TEN’s general manager network programming says: “Small Claims is among our most-anticipated projects for 2004.We are very excited to have these great scripts and have been very lucky to secure Claudia and Rebecca to star. We expect Small Claims will be a long-running franchise on TEN.”

“RB Films is delighted to be partnering with Network Ten, and especially Sue Masters on this exciting film. Small Claims is wonderful story by Keith Thompson and Kaye Bendle, and is the perfect vehicle for two of Australia’s finest actors, Claudia Karvan and Rebecca Gibney”, says producer Rosemary Blight.

Tony Iffland, chief executive of UKTV is proud of the association: “UKTV were delighted to have the opportunity to invest in Small Claims. Whilst fulfilling our investment in local television production, Small Claims is a quality drama series that supports our commitment to delivering contemporary entertainment to Australian audiences.”

The principal investor is the FFC.

November 27, 2003
Network Ten press release