A Boilermaker-Burberry Entertainment Production

Created by: Gareth Calverley & Joss King
Executive Producers: Tony Forrest, Paul Wylie, Ewan Burnett
Supervising Producer: Emma Moroney
Produced by: Andrew McInally & Gareth Calverley
Written by: Joss King & Gareth Calverley
Director: Jeffrey Walker

Aired: April - May 2011 (Movie Extra)

'Little' Tony Piccolo is a family man and small time, blue collar enforcer who, gripped by a sudden mid-life crisis, decides he wants out of the gangster business. But in the gangster business, an enforcer with a conscience is a dead man — and a family is a dangerous thing to have. (8 x 28min)
Steve Le MarquandTony
Sacha HorlerCathy
Jared DaperisCharlie
Geoff MorrellLes
Fletcher HumphrysSteve
Nicole GulasekharamMel
Sean Rees-WemyssMatt
Gary SweetBarry Donald
Gia CaridesDarlene

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