Small Tales & True: episode guide

Treading the Boards

Episode 1
Written by Robyn Butler, Roz Hammond
Directed by Matt Cameron

The director of an amateur theatre group tackles King Lear and some big egos.

Featuring: Robyn Butler as Karen Kelly, Julie Forsythe as Sara Donovan, Bob Franklin as Brian Tonkin, Roz Hammond as Anne-Marie Ellis, Wayne Hope as Darryl Kelly, Monica Maughan as Heather Formica


Episode 2
Written by Bob Franklin, Roz Hammond
Directed by Matt Cameron

Dave, Gavin, Rory, Astrid, Jacqui and Kath head to a local singles night, confident that they will find love. Or at least sex.

Featuring: Robyn Butler as Katherine, Stephen Curry as Rory, Bob Franklin as Dave, Roz Hammond as Astrid, Colin Lane as Gavin, Sophie Lee as Jacqui, Jim Russell as Julian

Peeping Tom

Episode 3
Written by Robyn Butler, Matt Cameron, Roz Hammond
Directed by Matt Cameron

A private detective happily investigates the seedier side of life, having slipped into it himself.

Featuring: Robyn Butler as Rowena S, Roz Hammond as Theresa Dunleavy, Bob Franklin as Tom Duneavy, Wayne Hope as Damon Tilley


Episode 4
Written by Matt Cameron, Kevin Carlin
Directed by Matt Cameron

Fighting breaks out in the Richmond Football Club cheer squad over who should write the slogan on the banner.

Featuring: Robyn Butler as Shirley, Stephen Curry as Maggots, Jim Daly as Doug Fry, Bob Franklin as Limey, Roz Hammond as Glynnis, Monica Maughan as Joan, John Murphy as Jack Minihan, Jim Russell as Ralphie

Creatures of Habit

Episode 5
Written by Robyn Butler, Matt Cameron
Directed by Matt Cameron

Residents in a suburban street grow anxious when their neighbours begin to dress in animal costumes.

Featuring: Robyn Butler as Barb Dundas, Marco Chiappi as Roger Duff, Aidan Fennessy as Trevor Dundas, Bob Franklin as Fraser Walsh, Frank Gallacher as Professor Francis Goodrich, Roz Hammond as Yvonne Duff

Holy Matrimony

Episode 6
Written by Robyn Butler, Matt Cameron
Directed by Matt Cameron

In order to have a church wedding, three couples must attend a pre-marital guidance course, run by a priest.

Featuring: Robyn Butler as Nerida, Aidan Fennessy as Andy, Bob Franklin as Rev. Noel Foulis, Roz Hammond as Trudy, Dennis Moore as Warren, Genevieve Morris as Moi