Produced by Mayhem Television

Created by: Anthony Watt A7mp; Bruce Kane
Writers: Matt Parkinson, Anthony Watt, Brendan Luno
Directors: Jon Olb

Airing: February 12, 2010... (ABC)

A whodunit game show with a comedic twist. Each week host Cal Wilson is joined by a special guest comedian, who is given a crash course in criminology. Their task, to solve a murder in front of a live studio audience, but what sort of detective will they be? With styles and techniques that will test even the most hardened criminal, the guest detectives have no script, they rely on witness interviews, footage flashbacks, forensic evidence and their own observations.
Cal Wilsonhost
Dave O'NeilGuest Detective
Frank WoodleyGuest Detective
Hamish BlakeGuest Detective
Julia MorrisGuest Detective
Adam RichardGuest Detective
Peter RowsthornGuest Detective
Claire HooperGuest Detective
Colin LaneGuest Detective

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