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Episode 14
Sat, June 24, 1995
Written by Jan Sardi
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Nikki, Mike and Maggie see lights in the sky one night and wonder if it's a UFO. Giles seems to be acting strangely and Maggie thinks Giles might be an alien. Mike and Nikki discover that Giles is interested in UFOs: a friend of Giles disappeared while investigating a UFO sighting. Mike, Nikki and Maggie hide in the back of Giles' vehicle as he goes out one night to investigate the cause of the weird lights. The lights appear and everyone is stunned. Whilst not admitting that there could be visitors from another planet, Giles does concede that there are more things in heaven and earth than we could ever dream of.

Guest Cast: none

Trees a Crowd


Episode 15
Sat, July 01, 1995
Written by Peter Hepworth
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Maggie's favourite tree is under threat, about to be cut down by a bureaucrat, Mr. Carver, to make way for a new building. Maggie and Tim and a visiting Wright Foundation student band together to save the tree. They stage a sit-in up the tree, which then becomes a focal point for everyone's protest. Nikki climbs up to protest and is joined by Mike. Then Maggie's mother climbs up to protest and so does Giles. Eventually, Mr. Carver joins the protest himself and finally the tree is saved.

Guest Cast: Jeffrey Walker as Timothy Bolderwood, Roy Baldwin as Mr Carver, Geoff Cartwright as Photo/Journalist, Susan Tan as Tania, Sarah Palmer as Pizza Delivery Girl

Ice Balls


Episode 16
Sat, July 08, 1995
Written by Susan Hore
Directed by Julian McSwiney

As Tony is preparing to leave for America and the shuttle mission, Nikki discovers a comet. To verify her discovery, she needs to use the optical scope at a nearby observatory. Whilst at school, Nikki and Mike fight because word leaks among the other students about their relationship. Mike farewells his father sullenly while Nikki gets a ride to the observatory. Nikki farewells Tony, who jokes that if he sees the comet whilst he's in the shuttle, he'll bring it back for Nikki. Nikki finally verifies her comet's existence at the observatory.

Guest Cast: Clive Hearne as Technician

Long Distance Call


Episode 17
Sat, July 15, 1995
Written by Jutta Goetze
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Tony is launched into space aboard the shuttle. Nikki and Mike make up after their argument and the two hurry back from school to speak with Tony in space. The space shuttle is hit by space junk and communication is lost for a few hours. There is also a chance that the damaged shuttle may break up during re-entry into earth's atmosphere. Mike and his father have an emotional conversation just prior to re-entry. The shuttle eventually returns safely to earth.

Guest Cast: Martin Sharman as Jim Harris, Susan Tan as Tania, Fred Steele as Astronaut [Dick], Kevin Grisé as Astronaut

Star Time


Episode 18
Sat, July 22, 1995
Written by Steve J Spears, Robert Greenberg
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Tony returns to Australia a hero after his scientific experiments in space. Coral Lee, a television producer who wants him to become a celebrity on U.S. television, accompanies him. Tony leaves the decision about going to America up to Mike. Mike and Nikki fight about getting more serious in their relationship. It seems that Mike is going to leave Australia. Tony's Pluto probe, Vespucci, looses communication, much to Tony's consternation. But it's revealed that it's a hoax perpetrated by everyone at Kaputar in an attempt to convince Tony not to go back to America. Mike and Tony decide together not to leave.

Guest Cast: Jane Badler as Coral Lee Pierce, Bill Ten Eyck as Byron



Episode 19
Sat, July 29, 1995
Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Wright Foundation student Simon comes to Kaputar to use remote sensing to locate ancient aboriginal sites. Simon uses both intuition and science to help him locate an ancient cave. Mike doesn't believe in intuition. A new road being built threatens Simon's discovery and the kids chain themselves to a bulldozer to protest. Finally, the roadworks are stopped. Mike learns that everyone has intuition, not just Simon.

Guest Cast: Luke Carroll as Simon Tjapiljari, Shane Connor as Sergeant Blake, Shane Lee as Reporter, Mary Louise Walker as TV Reporter, Matthew Parkinson as Dave, Robert Faggetter as Roadworks Foreman

The Wish Star


Episode 20
Sat, August 05, 1995
Written by Nicola Woolmington
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Maggie and Nikki's father Robert arrives from France to do a story on Dr. Tony Masters. Maggie thinks she sees a new star in the sky, but when Nikki looks it's no longer there. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to build up the courage to ask Marie to a dance. Mike tries to give his father some tips on dating. Robert raises the possibility of the children going back to live with him in France. Tony helps Maggie find her "wish star" which turns out to a variable star. Tony also finally plucks up the courage to ask Marie to the dance.

Guest Cast: Jean-Pierre Mignon as Robert Colbert



Episode 21
Sat, August 12, 1995
Written by Stephen Measday
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Cleo, a Wright Foundation student, makes a major discovery. She detects a mass of hydrogen far out in space but when it's suggested she and her parents have their photo taken for a newspaper, she declines. Cleo has just discovered that she's adopted and with the help of Mike and Nikki, she tracks down her real mother. Cleo watches her mother from a distance, but decides not to make contact with her. Nikki and Maggie decide not to return to France with their father.

Guest Cast: Magdalena Vesela as Cleo Colman, Jean-Pierre Mignon as Robert Colbert, Lisa Armytage as Trish Colman, Kim Knuckey as Bill Colman, Lindy Ferguson as Cleo's Mother

Penguin Point


Episode 22
Sat, August 19, 1995
Written by Jutta Goetze
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Tony and Marie and their children go on a holiday together. Nikki discovers what looks like an oil slick on the ocean and the discovery of an oil-soaked penguin confirms the children's fear. Mike and Nikki race against time to tell their parents, who are just beginning a romance. The tanker responsible for the oil slick is tracked down and the spill is cleaned up.

Guest Cast: Jean-Pierre Mignon as Robert Colbert, Craig Mercer as Hoon, Damien Ketteringham as Hoon, Damien Walshe-Howling as Hoon, Christopher McLean as Hoon, Gary Adams as Ranger, John Jacobs as Local, Jennifer Castles as Volunteer

The Black Prince


Episode 23
Sat, August 26, 1995
Written by Susan MacGillicuddy
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Nikki is accepted into Space Camp. In her view, this is the first step towards her life long dream of being the first person on Mars. Meanwhile, Elfie is doing a study on the local wallaby population. Mike and Nikki argue and Nikki thinks that Mike is jealous. Mike says he's going to get out into space before Nikki. Mike wires up his amplifier and guitar into the dish and transmits a volley of Hendrix guitar rifts into space, much to Gile's anger. A wallaby becomes trapped and is threatened by an eagle during Elfie's study and Maggie must fend off the eagle to save the wallaby.

Guest Cast: Susan Tan as Tania



Episode 24
Sat, September 02, 1995
Written by Deborah Cox
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Nikki is making a video on the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence which Tony is researching. But Tony seems like he is losing his enthusiasm for science, until a real signal momentarily appears. But the signal doesn't reappear the next night. However, Tony's fire and enthusiasm for science is rekindled and he even proposes to Marie!

Guest Cast: none

Precious Days on the Planet


Episode 25
Sat, September 09, 1995
Written by Deborah Cox
Directed by Mario Andreacchio

Against the backdrop of Tony and Marie's impending marriage, Wright Foundation student Jake attempts to complete the "final experiment". At the point of his own death, he aims to transmit his energy through the dish and into space. Nikki and Mike save the situation at the last moment. They begin to investigate the meaning of life and convince Jake that it life is worth living. Jake finally changes his mind, but not before Mike and Nikki have discovered many differing views of the meaning of existence. Tony and Marie are finally married, with Marie in one part of Australia and Tony still at Kaputar. Giles organizes a satellite link and the wedding is completed via television. The Vespucci probe makes contact from pluto.

Guest Cast: Bruce Myles as Sidney Waters, Dean Francis as Jake, Susan Tan as Tania [uncredited]

Do or Die


Episode 26 (finale)
Sat, September 16, 1995
Written by Jeff Peck
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Tony, Marie, Nikki, Maggie and Mike fly to Melbourne where Nikki is attending Space Camp. During the flight Nikki gets motion sickness. This worries Nikki who fears that the exercises at Space Camp will cause further bouts of motion sickness. As the new family books into the hotel, Maggie thinks she sees a television star but no one believes her so she stakes out the lobby for the duration of the trip. Mike inveigles his way into Space Camp with Nikki, much to her disgust. During the final exercise at Space Camp, Nikki feels motion sickness and Mike helps her overcome it. Maggie eventually tracks down the elusive star and has her photo taken with him.

Guest Cast: Bryony Price as Sarah, Max Garner-Gore as Stephen Bottomley, Katy Brinson as Space Camp Counsellor, Geoff Paine as Space Camp Counsellor, Jasper Bagg as Flight Controller, Dieter Brummer as Himself [uncredited], Richard Young as Dieter look-a-like [uncredited]