An SLR Production in association with Telegael Teoranta, ZDF Enterprises

Created by: Steve Lyons
Executive Producers: Suzanne Ryan, Paul Cummings, Wayne Dearing, Bill Schultz
Executive Producers (Nine Network): Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan
Executive Producers (Super RTL): Karen Mitrega, Lea Schmidt
Executive Producers (ZDFE): Arne Lohmann
Producers: Suzanne Ryan, Yasmin Jones, Siobhan Ni Ghadhra
Director: Pablo De La Torre
Writers: John Derevlaney, David Witt, Rachel Spratt, David Evans, Rob Tinkler, Brendan Luno

Airing: July 06, 2014... (Go!)

World explorer Augustus Skinner has died! Now, his three young grandsons have inherited the old Skinner Mansion and its contents. But Grandfather Skinner also left them a big surprise — the Skinner Boys are now Guardians of the Lost Sercets, a collection of unique artifacts across the world that possess incredible powers. An even bigger surprise is in store! Grandpa Skinner also appointed a fourth Guardian, feisty teenage cousin Tara. As these boys know almost nothing about girls — she's probably their biggest challenge of all. And vice-versa. (26 x 24min)
Starringas the voice of
Paul TylakCharles
Damian ClarkeHenry
Derek SiowEdward
Lisa MouleTara
Emma TateJulia
Dan RussellWellington
cast photo

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