The Silver Brumby: episode guide

Friends of the High Country

Episode 1
Series written by Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren

Thowra saves a young foal from drowning and meets the Brolga's daughter Boon Boon. The Mountain Men capture two horses from Thowra's herd.

Character voices: Richard Aspel, Michael Carman, Marg Downey, Rebecca Gibney, John Higginson, Rhys Muldoon, John Stanton, Doug Tremlett, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

Wombats to the Rescue

Episode 2

Thowra, not taking the threat from the man too seriously, initiates a chase with the Man through the High Country. Arrow attempts to rescue the two young horses caught by the man previously but only ends up getting himself and his brother Storm captured as well. Thowra convinces Wombat and his family help in their rescue.

Lost in the Snow

Episode 3

Benni and Silky say goodbye to Thowra as they head north for the winter. Thowra and Boon Boon come to the rescue of two children lost in the High Country.

Flight To Freedom

Episode 4

Spring returns to the High Country bringing with it men intent on capturing the brumbies. The Brolga's herd escapes capture thanks to Boon Boon, Thowra and his brothers, Arrow and Storm. Boon Boon seeks her father's blessing to leave the herd and venture out on her own.

Old Prospector Saves a Friend

Episode 5

Two trappers arrive in the High Country and Thowra learns that not all humans are dangerous when the old prospector saves Benni's daughter when she gets caught in one of their traps baby.

Benni Returns a Favour

Episode 6

Benni and Silky collect their daughter from the old prosector who has been taking care of her since her mishap. The Man returns to the High Country to capture Thowra and very nearly does. Benni gets help for the Old Prospector when he has an accident.

Racing against the Wind

Episode 7

Currawong helps a cocksure young racehorse escape his paddock and venture up into the High Country to challenge Thowra to a race.

The Sight of Golden

Episode 8

The Man brings a golden filly up into the High Country and when word gets around that she would like to live free with the other brumbies, Thowra and Storm help her escape.

Golden in Trouble

Episode 9

The beautiful filly Golden joins Thowra's herd but has trouble adapting to life in the bush. The Man returns to the High Country to recapture Golden but his efforts are thwarted by Thowra.

A Wombat on the Road

Episode 10

The creatures of the High Country have a new problem to worry about when road crews arrive and begin digging up the land. In all the commotion, baby wombat is nearly run over by a bulldozer but Man realise he must learn to look after the creatures of the bush.


Episode 11

The trappers return to the High Country and are quick to cause trouble when their campfire gets out of control, becoming a raging bush fire. As the animals rush for safety, Thowra must rescue Arrow and the emus while the Brolga must save Aranda and the foals.

Golden Goes Home

Episode 12

A dangerous new threat to the creatures of the High Country arrives in the form of a wild boar. A search is launched when one of the young dingos goes missing. Golden is injured in an attack by the boar and returns to the care of the Man. The animals unite to drive the boar out of the High Country.

Seeking a Legend

Episode 13

An old mare arrives in the High Country looking for Thowra, whose legend has begun to spread. The Brolga, king of the wild horses, seeks out Thowra to settle his rumoured challenge for the kingdom.


Episode 14

Thowra helps Arrow escape from the Brolga after Arrow tries to get the fillies to join his herd. Thowra and Boon Boon find Yooralla, an orphaned brumby.

To Catch a Brumby

Episode 15

Thowra and Boon Boon teach Yooralla how to live in the high country. The Emus want to learn how to fly. Boon Boon is captured by a rancher and taken down to the plains.

Swimming to Safety

Episode 16

Thowra tries to help Boon Boon escape from her enclosure but they're only successful when Charlie opens the gate to set her free. Tired from the escape, Thowra and Boon Boon get stranded on an island when they attempt to cross a river to safety. The next morning, a reluctant Arrow is made to play the role of hero when he rescues them. The emus visit their relatives on the plains and decide it's a nice place to visit.

A Leap Into Legend

Episode 17

While Thowra is looking for a secret hiding place where they can all go in times of danger, Mrs Dingo loses Warri, one of her pups. When they find him, they discover a secret valley hidden in the mist. As Thowra is being chased by The Man, Mopoke advises him to disappear like a ghost, so he heads for the secret valley and leaps over the edge, disappearing into the mist. The Man is certain he has leapt to his death rather than be captured. Boon Boon returns to be with her family.

Charlie Heads for the Mountains

Episode 18

Charlie ventures into the high country on his own to visit his grandfather but gets lost and becomes stranded when his horse runs off. Benni, Thowra and the emus help rescue Charlie when he gets stranded on a ledge.

Charlie Helps a Friend

Episode 19

Charlie and his grandfather help free Yooralla when he becomes lost in a storm and gets trapped under a fallen tree. Thowra challenges the Brolga to keep him from adding Yooralla to his herd.

In it Together

Episode 20

Arrow takes pride in being the first to announce the return of the trappers to the high country. Currawong and Mopoke get caught in one of the traps but Arrow can't free them and the Brolga refuses to help. They finally gain their freedom when the Man stops his chase of Arrow and Thowra to release them from their cage.

Trappers Go Home

Episode 21

The creatures of the high country band together to drive out the trappers.

Wombat in Trouble

Episode 22

Baby Wombat is hit by the trappers' truck as they leave the high country. Yooralla helps Charlie take him to Charlie's grandfather where he can be looked after until he recovers from the accident. The trappers ute sinks when they stop to do some fishing.

Wombat Goes on Holiday

Episode 23

After retrieving Baby Wombat from Charlie and his grandfather, Wombat decides to take his family on a trip to see their cousins up north. A lost fillie arrives in the high country in search of her long-lost brother. Wombat saves Thowra from the Brolga.

Arrow Makes a Friend

Episode 24

The Brolga chases Arrow away from his daughters again. Yooralla is reunited with his sister, Goonda. Yooralla is destined to lead his father's herd but will be allowed to stay in the high country for now. The Brolga gives chase to Yooralla and Goonda, who manage to escape when Arrow crashes into the Brolga. Goonda prepares to go back home and Arrow may be going with her.

Arrow Goes South

Episode 25

Arrow seeks advice on whether to go south with Goonda. Goonda heads home after saying goodbye to Thowra and Boon Boon, and Arrow, who overslept, must chase after her to catch up. The Man follows Yooralla to Goonda and pursues them, nearly catching Arrow. Afterwards, Goonda invites Arrow to accompany her on her trip home.

Golden Returns

Episode 26

The Man has brought Golden back up from the plains and after she hears about Thowra's supposed death, she escapes to go into the high country to look for him. The Trappers return, but this time the arrive in a hot air balloon. When the balloon crashes, Golden leads the Man to them to rescue them before she decides to leave the high country with the Man.

Long Hot Summer

Episode 27

A fire breaks out near Golden's corral when Currawong tries to steal a mirror from the Man's hut. Thowra, Wombat and Currawong work to save Golden while Boon Boon and Mopoke locate the Man who returns and is able to save his hut with some help from the Prospector.

An Unwelcome Stranger

Episode 28

A lion escapes when a truck carrying circus animals crashes in a storm. The trappers return once again to recapture the lion but not before it terrifies the animals of the high country who take it upon themselves to capture it.

Foals in Trouble

Episode 29

Yooralla and his friend Yuri become trapped in a gorge with a rising river when a rain storm hits and a bolt of lightning causes a landslide, blocking off the stream. Currawong and Mopoke trade places.

The Brolga Wants a Fight

Episode 30

Aranda, one of the Brolga's mares, falls down a ravine and becomes trapped on a ledge after chasing after two young foals who were spooked by a snake. The Brolga meanwhile is eager to fight Thowra and chases after him. Mopoke leads Aranda to safety and the Brolga is injured trying to help out.

Charlie Saves the Brumbies

Episode 31

Charlie's father organises a brumby round-up with a friend but doesn't count on Charlie intervening to save the brumbies from capture. Arrow returns to the high country.

Emus Get a Break

Episode 32

Eee, Wombat, and Arrow have a painful encounter with an echidna. The Emus find an egg, and Eee thinks it is hers, but a surprise is in store when Currawong tries to steal it. The creatures of the high country give the Prospector a gift.

Trapped in the Snow

Episode 33

The season's first snowfall comes to the high country. The Man's prize bull escapes and terrorises the creatures of the high country. Arrow has designs on driving the bull out of the high country. Thowra leads the Man to his Bull and rescues him from an avalanche.

Youngsters' Winter Woes

Episode 34

With the cold winter weather setting in, the Brolga takes his herd to the warmer foothills. Yooralla and his friend Narrabri becomes stuck at the bottom of an icy canyon while Wombat gets trapped when the ice on a frozen pond breaks up. Arrow tries to lead two of the Brolga's fillies to the low country.

An Unexpected Encounter

Episode 35

When the Prospector's hut gets buried in snow, Thowra goes for help. Benni takes his family south.

The Cave of Wonder

Episode 36

Spring has arrived. An earthquake hits and a cave-in traps Baby Wombat in the burrow. Arrow escapes from the Man by hiding in the hidden cave behind the waterfall. Thowra follows him in when Arrow gets lost and after he drinks from the Pool of Wisdom, Thowra sees his father who tells him his destiny to be King of the Brumbies is ready to unfold. The Brolga hopes to confront Thowra and Arrow in the cave.

A Bothersome Nuisance

Episode 37

Thowra goes off to do some thinking and must leave Arrow in charge of the herd. An arrogant Brumby calling himself the "Prince of the West" arrives in the high country looking for a mate. The Man and a friend pursue the herd, nearly catching the new brumby who the Brolga later chases out of the high country.

Getting Together

Episode 38

The herd is growing weary of Arrow's leadership and looks forward to Thowra's return. Hearing that Thowra is on his way back, Arrow takes the herd to Misty Lake where a mysterious water creature frightens Yooralla and Arrow.

The Final Encounter

Episode 39 (finale)

Boon Boon angers her father when she tells him she intends to choose Thowra as a partner and the Brolga immediately issues a challenge to Thowra. The Prospector is leaving the high country to move south to live with his son and grandson Charlie. Thowra defeats the Brolga, claims his title as King of the Cascade Brumbies, and banished the Brolga from the High Country.