Produced by Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier

Created by: Roger Simpson
Producers: Roger Simpson, Roger Le Mesurier
Produced by: Chris Roache
Executive Producers: Mikael Borglund, Claire Henderson
Associate Producer: Andy Walker
Directors: Paul Moloney, Mandy Smith, Pino Amenta
Writers: Graeme Farmer, Glen Dolman, Meg Mappin, Kirsty Fisher, Andrew Muir,
Rob George, Fiona Wood, Ray Boseley, Jo Martino, Chris Roache

Aired: 2004 (Seven, ABC)

It is the year 2050 and the teenage crew of the Star Runner are two years into a journey to the Silver Sun — an amazing planet located in a distant solar system 45 light years away. It is their mission to ensure the safe delivery of 550 cryonically suspended New Settlers to populate the New World and pave the way for future generations of mankind. Theirs is a mission of breath-taking proportion — the crew on board the Star Runner are pioneers and the success or failure of this endeavour depends on them. (40 x 25min)
Thomas BlackburneTane Wilson
Cleopatra ColemanZandie Brokow
Ryan CorrSheng Zammett
Karli DinardoCinnamon Everson
Cherise DonovanLeonella Reiss
Angus McLarenDegenhardt Bell
Eloise MignonMara Lomax
Orpheus PledgerTycho Everson
Sarah WalkerPancha McCaskill
Michelle PettigroveDr Lillian Reiss
Teague RookSteve Everson
Jesse SpenceKaren Everson
Jeremy StanfordCommander Cyriax
group photo

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