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Going For Gold

Episode 2.01
June 10, 2002

DJ extraordinaire, Barry Gold, is released from prison after serving six months for contempt and sharing a cell with Australia's top entrepreneur and personality manager. As the CHAT AM team prepare for his homecoming, Barry has a better idea talkback TV.

With: Stan Zemanek

Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark

Episode 2.02
June 10, 2002

It is office politics at its finest as DJ Barry Gold fights for survival. No trick is too dirty as Barry deals with new jock on the block, Neville Roach.

Heaven Must Be There

Episode 2.03
June 13, 2002

It is the 80s and the Orange People are taking over. Hotshot DJ Barry Gold is horrified when the office boy, Clive, falls prey to the Orange cult. Its up to Barry to de-program the kid but Clive is in too deep.

Will Power

Episode 2.04
June 13, 2002

It is the 80s and smoking at work is not acceptable, its fashionable.Trouble starts when DJ Neville Roach wins a cigarette sponsor and our hero Barry Gold signs up the Quit campaign.

Give Him Enough Rope

Episode 2.05
June 20, 2002

Trouble at CHAT AM as the talkback jocks go to war over the death penalty. Meanwhile, the station holds a ratings competition between the jocks that looks set to tear the place apart.

Viva La Difference

Episode 2.06
June 27, 2002

As the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, sets out to stop the French nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll, talkback jock Barry Gold finds himself in the middle of an international crisis.


Episode 2.07
July 04, 2002

Talkback radio station, CHAT AM, hits the road in the new Chat-A-Van. First stop is the Royal Agricultural Show.

What Goes Up

Episode 2.08
July 11, 2002

As the Space Shuttle Columbia explodes, young Clive invents the first Space Shuttle joke, much to everyone's horror.

Top Security

Episode 2.09
July 18, 2002

In this espionage episode, ASIO agents kidnap the radio stations gopher, Clive. But, Clive is not what he seems. As shock jock Barry Gold finds the undercover story of the century, its spy vs spy.

Jingle All The Way

Episode 2.10
July 21, 2002

Its Christmas and the annual office party at CHAT AM gets under way with a marathon of sex, debauchery and alcohol abuse. And that is just what Santa is having.

Aggravation Of A Nation

Episode 2.11
July 25, 2002

Barry Gold discovers an Aboriginal treaty signed by Captain Cook. He is determind to reveal it to the world before his rivals get their hands on it.

The Common Touch

Episode 2.12
July 25, 2002

The talkback radio station, CHAT AM, decide they want the common touch. Shock jock Barry Gold goes into a spin when they hire the security guard, Jock, and give him a primetime show.