An ABC Television and HBO Asia co-production
with the participation of ScreenWest and Media Development Authority of Singapore
Produced by Great Western Entertainment and Infinite Studios

Creator: Paul Barron
Executive Producers: Carole Sklan, Greeg Simpkin, Sue Masters, Erika North, Saralo MacGregor, Mike Wiluan, Michael O'Donnell
Executive Producers: Jonathan Spink, John Schmidt, Geoff Webb, Greg Phillips
Producers: Paul Barron, Nick North
Writers: Michaeley O'Brien, Christopher D Hawkshaw, Tony Morphett
Directors: Peter Andrikidis, Tony Tilse

Airing: September 22, 2013... (ABC1/HBO Asia)

Serangoon Road is a fast-paced detective drama series set against the exotic, tumultuous backdrop of 1960s Singapore. It tells the story of Australian-born Sam Callaghan, whose childhood was spent in WWII's Japanese internment camps and who returned to fight in the Malayan Emergency. When his neighbour Patricia asks him to help keep her recently-murdered husband's private detective agency afloat, Sam reluctantly agrees. (10 x 55min)
Don HanySam Callaghan
Joan ChenPatricia Cheng
Maeve DermodyClaire Simpson
Alaric TayXiao Kang
Michael DormanConrad Harrison
Pamelyn CheeCh'en Su Ling
Chin HanKay Song
Jeremy Lindsay TaylorFrank Simpson
Ario BayuInspector Amran
Tony MartinBruce "Macca" MacDonald
Nicholas BellMaxwell Black
Rachael BlakeLady Tuckworth
cast photo

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