Produced by ABC Television Drama

Creators: Jay Cook, Peter Gawler
Executive Producer: Jill Robb
Producer: Bill Hughes
Directors: Mark Callan, Steve Jodrell, Gary Conway, Kendal Flanagan
Writers: Tony Morphett, Graeme Koetsveld, Deborah Cox, Everett De Roche,
Tony Kavanagh, Glenda Hambly, John Cundill, Jay Cook

Aired: 1993 (13 x 50 min)

Secrets is a world of intrigue, paranoia and hidden agendas, where nothing is ever quite as it seems. The FIRM is a small, secret, government agency dealing with national security in a world where the old lines defining enemies and allies are now blurred. At the same time however, the perils of international organised crime and terrorist group activity have raised the stakes higher than ever before. This gripping 13-part series stars internationally acclaimed, award-winning Australian actress, Rachel Griffiths.
Frank WhittenTom Jacobs
Babs McMillanVirginia Drury
Tony PoliEd Casser
Michael FryDavid Skelton
Rachel GriffithsSarah Foster
Marshall NapierGary O'Leary

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