SeaChange: soundtracks

Sounds Rich and Strange

1SeachangeRichard Pleasance cover
2Intensive CareBondi Cigars
3Come Back AgainDaddy Cool
4Down By The RiverbedThe Backsliders
5Harold and MeredithRichard Pleasance
6Big American CarLisa Miller
7Maybe This Time For SurePaul Kelly
8Hellhound on My TrailThe Backsliders
9False WaltzLisa Miller
10Meredith's Sewing SongRichard Pleasance
11Too Many TimesMental as Anything
12Lead Me Not Into Temptation   Bondi Cigars
13I'll Be GoneSpectrum
14Carmen's Road ThemeRichard Pleasance
15Come Said The BoyMondo Rock
16My Bird Won't SingDave Hole
17PartyChristine Anu
18SeaChange Theme SongWendy Morrison and Richard Pleasance

More Sounds Rich and Strange

1SeaChange Theme SongWendy Morrison & Richard Pleasance cover
2You & Me RunningTiddas
3Hard LoveVika & Linda
4Love In the MorningArchie Roach
5Big Blue AboveKavisha Mazzella
6La DiosaKenny Lopez con sierra Maestra
7Travelling Riverside BluesThe Backsliders
8Kurong Boy, Kurong GirlRuby Hunter
9Flor de AmorGuillermo Portables
10Nice ShirtDom Turner's Supro
11Dancingwith my spirit
12Ocean BeastFelt
13We've Started a FireVika & Linda
14I'll Break CupsThe Habibis
16Love This TimeVika & Linda
17This Is Not The Real World   Karma County

Even More Sounds Rich and Strange

1SeaChange Theme SongWendy Morrison & Richard Pleasance cover
2Home AgainMark Seymour
3IrracionalKenny Lopez
4Aurukun MoonlightRuby Hunter
5I Like to Swim (Max's Reggae)   Richard Pleasance
6Because I Love YouThe Master's Apprentice
7When Night Comes 'RoundLazy James Band
8I'm Doing FineColin Hay
9Don't Kill the FrogRichard Pleasance
10Mucho AmorKenny Lopez
11TradeLisa Miller
12Something SpecialRuby Hunter
13Bring Yourself to MeJimmy Little
14La BambaLos Romanticos
15I Scare MyselfRenee Geyer
16Waving GoodbyeTiddas
17Angel Full of GraceGoanna
18Freedom CallingColin Hay
19Bay of PearlsRichard Pleasance

The Very Best of SeaChange

Disc one
1Hard LoveVika & Linda cover
2Maybe This Time For SurePaul Kelly
3False WaltzLisa Miller
4Down by the Riverbed The Backsliders
5Kurongk Boy, Kurongk GirlRuby Hunter
6Home AgainMark Seymour
7Big Blue AboveKavisha Mazzella
8Bring Yourself Home to MeJimmy Little
10I Scare MyselfRenee & Uncle Bill
11Staying in The ShackAzo & Sara
12Because I Love You The Masters & Apprentices
13PartyChristine Anu
14Dancing (With My Spirit)Archie Roach
15Ocean BeastFelt
16Angel Full of GraceGoanna
17Freedom CallingColin Hay
18This is Not the Real WorldKarma County
19Seachange Theme SongWendy Morrison & Richard Pleasance
Disc two
1Trev's ScuttleRichard Pleasance
2SeaChange (Opening Titles)Richard Pleasance
3My Son is GayRichard Pleasance
4BreathRichard Pleasance
5She's My MotherRichard Pleasance
6Boat Shed BluesRichard Pleasance
7ConfessionRichard Pleasance
8Bombastic BobRichard Pleasance
9Fiddle JigRichard Pleasance
10Willy BoyRichard Pleasance
11Surf's Up for Angus Richard Pleasance
12ReliableRichard Pleasance
13EpicRichard Pleasance
14Touch of SpaghettiRichard Pleasance
15Warwick's BluesRichard Pleasance
16I Like to swimRichard Pleasance
17Bay of PearlsRichard Pleasance
18Meredith's Theme Richard Pleasance
19Meredith's Dead Richard Pleasance
20Leaving ThemeRichard Pleasance
21Miranda's ThemeRichard Pleasance
22Temperature's Rising Richard Pleasance
23Laura I'm FineRichard Pleasance
24Theo's BounceRichard Pleasance
25Sad PhraniRichard Pleasance
26SeaChange WeddingRichard Pleasance
27Original SeaChange Theme Demo   Richard Pleasance