Scrublands: episode guide

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Episode 1

November 16, 2023 (Stan)
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by Greg McLean

One year after a horrific mass shooting, an investigative journalist arrives in a remote country town to write an anniversary piece, but soon realises there is much more to the story than meets the eye.

One year after the beloved Father Byron Swift opened fire on his parishioners, investigative journalist Martin Scarsden arrives in the desolate town of Riversend to write an article on how the town is coping. Martin resents this puff piece, but his flagging career desperately needs a decent by-line. He finds a community deeply scarred and hostile to journalists but divided over the memory of the late Byron Swift. Many insist the priest was a paedophile, while others maintain he was a good man. Local bookstore owner Mandy Bond in particular rejects the ‘paedophile goes crazy’ version of events, and challenges Martin to dig deeper. Instincts piqued; Martin deducts this was no random shooting: Swift targeted his victims. Smelling a real story, and finding a glimmer of hope in himself, Martin determines to stay and find out the truth of why Byron Swift opened fire that day.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jay Ryan as Byron Swift
  • Sara Terry as Renee McIntyre
  • Martin Copping as Craig Landers
  • Stacy Clausen as Allen Newkirk
  • Zane Ciarma as Jamie Landers
  • Duke Larkin as Luke McIntyre
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Alf Newkirk
  • Victoria Thaine as Fran Landers
  • Adam Morgan as Gerry Torlini
  • Scott Major as Tom Newkirk
  • Ben De Pagter as Hugh Grosvenor
  • Luke Arnold as Martin Scarsden
  • Bella Heathcote as Mandy Bond
  • Adam Zwar as Constable Robbie Haus-Jones
  • Nicholas Bell as Max Fuller
  • Robert Taylor as Harley Reagan
  • Ella Ferris as Shaz McIntyre
  • Genevieve Morris as Flick
  • Alison Whyte as Katherine Bond
  • Ferdinand Hoang as Errol Ryding
  • Pauline Grace as Kelly Newkirk
  • Anthony Sallman as Dying Man