Produced by SLR Productions and ZDF Enterprises

Executive Producers: Suzanne Ryan
Producer: Suzanne Ryan, Michael Bourchier
Directors: Evan Clarry, Julie Money, Arnie Custo, Bill Hughes, Karl Zwicky
Writers: Justine Gillmer, Jane Schneider, Keith Thompson, Tamara Asmar, James Walker,
Graeme Farmer, Chris McCourt, Simon Butters, Chris Hawkshaw, Holly Lyons, Chris Roache,
Jane Allen, Brendan Luno, David Lawrence, Kym Goldsworthy, Michelle Offen

Aired: 2014 (Ten/Cartoon Network)

An action-packed children's adventure series about teenage 'danger magnet' Sam Fox as he braves the wilds from open ocean to deepest jungle, coming face-to-face with killer sharks, man-eating leopards, raging tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, deadly scorpions, giant anacondas and much, much more. Based on the bestselling books by children's author Justin D'Ath. SLR's first live action series. (26x24min)
Remy BrandSam Fox
Stanley BrowningRikki McGrath
Emily BaggJosie Brown
Mavournee HazelEmma Fernley Granger
Harry RussellHarry Fox
Angus RussellJordan Fox
Luca Asta SardelisApril Fox
Andrew LindqvistNathan Fox
Tiffany Lyndall-KnightLaura Fox
Charles MayerKingston Fox
cast photo
cast photo
cast photo

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