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Mulvey's brave recovery

The red-carpet premiere of Thunderstruck would have been one of the biggest nights of Callan Mulvey's life, simply because it signals his big-screen debut.

But for Mulvey, 29, the event next Sunday represents a much more significant milestone: it is the first time he will step out in public since being seriously injured in a car accident.

Mulvey, who once starred in Heartbreak High, is one of the stars of the new Australian film, which is to be released on May 20. But behind the hype surrounding the release is the heart-wrenching story of his car accident and his subsequent rehabilitation.

The actor was involved in a smash near Byron Bay on New Year's Eve, after shooting for the film had finished. He faced months of treatment and has bravely battled to recover from his serious injuries.

While he is yet to speak about the accident, his co-star Damon Gameau (who starred in The Tracker ) revealed the extent of Mulvey's injuries, while speaking to Drum Media.

"It is so sad," he said. "He only just started walking again. He is blind in one of his eyes. He had a full facial reconstruction.

"The left side of his body was completely crushed. He is lucky to be alive. We're hoping he can come to a few things, but he is reluctant to come out in public just yet."

However, it is likely Mulvey will join the other lead actors in Thunderstruck - Gameau, Stephen Curry , Ryan Johnson and Sam Worthington - at the premiere at Sydney's George Street Cinemas

The actor, who was born in New Zealand but has lived on Sydney's northern beaches since he was eight, is one of the standout performers in the film about mateship, music and teenage memories.

No doubt he will have plenty of supporters at the premiere because of his extraordinary courage in fighting back from such serious injuries. Warm wishes to Mulvey and his family.

By Christine Sams
May 12, 2004
The Sun-Herald