Producted by Artransa Park Film Studios and Trans Pacific Enterprises

Executive Producer: Guy V. Thayer Jr.
Producers: Ralph Smart, Robert Banks Stewart
Writers: Robert Banks Stewart, Monte Doyle, Terence Feely, Peter Miller, Ralph Smart, John Stanton, Bill Strutton
Directors: Quentin Lawrence, Peter Maxwell, Jeremy Summers
Original music by: Tommy Tycho

Aired: February – July 1969

Following the death of his Australian wife in a car accident, American businessman Moss Andrews leaves his job and sails solo to Australia to help his father-in-law run his boat hire service, CharterBoat Limited, on the Great Barrier Reef. Australia's first one-hour drama series to be filmed in colour.
Ty HardinMoss Andrews
Jonathan SweetNeil Winton
Sue CostinJudy Plenderleith
Chris ChristensenBarney Duncan
Slim DeGreyCarl

Episode List

  1. Bound From California
  2. Dangerous Pick-up
  3. Jump High, Land Easy
  4. Surprise, Surprise
  5. One Way To Nowhere
  6. Chance Of A Lifetime
  7. The Boat That Went To Sea
  8. Echoes From A Lost Valley
  9. Lend A Helping Fist
  10. The McQuade Myth
  11. The Captain's Blood
  12. Affair At Mangrove Creek
  13. Sharky
  14. Dead But Not Forgotten
  15. Daybreak Island
  16. North Of The Headland
  17. Brethren Island
  18. To Murder A Mermaid
  19. Turnabout
  20. Down At The Bay
  21. Good Friday Island
  22. Hagans Kingdom
  23. Game For Three Hands
  24. Black Friday
  25. Flight Of The Curlew
  26. Clean Sweep

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