(aka The New Flying Doctors)

Executive Producer: Terry Ohlsson
Producer: Peter Andrikidis
Directors: Michael Offer, David Caesar
Writers: Everett de Roche, Glenda Hambly, John Reeves, Susan MacGillcuddy, Paul Spinks

Produced: 1992

R.F.D.S. was created as a spinoff of the popular series The Flying Doctors and is set in the mining town of Broken Hill.
Steve JacobsDr. Jim Solomon
Belinda DaveyLaura Regan
Lewis Fitz-GeraldDr. Sebert Blitho
Elaine SmithDr. Sissy Wetherall
Peter PhelpsSr. Dennis Taylor
Maurie Fields Vic Buckley
Val JellayNancy Buckley
Simone BuchananRebecca Owens
Lydia MillerLeanne Cassidy
Sophie LeePenny Wellings
Kevin J. WilsonTed Eastman
Simon GreyJess Solomon
Marieke HardyZoe Solomon
Justin Connor Rollerblades

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