NHK-Japanese Broadcasting Corporation

NHK and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Executive Producers: Kagari Tajima, Ron Saunders
Producer: Terry Jennings
Writer: David Ogilvy
Directors: Robert Klenner, Paul Faint

Aired: 1997 (13 x 25min)

Michael, Kumiko, Gerard and Anna, last seen in Escape From Jupiter, are reunited on the Icarus, a solar cruiser that will take them back to their parents on one of Jupiter's moons. But the journey is far from a smooth one. Danger and excitement wait around every turn, as the children face a crash landing on Mars, hitch a ride on an asteroid, and race against two villains whose evil plan jeopardises the Icarus and its crew.
Sonia ToddCmdr Edwina Dent
David WenhamDr. Chrobak
Jeanette CroninGlovic
Colin MoodyTobias Selby
Anna ChoyKumiko
Justin RosniakGerard
Daniel TaylorMichael
Dominic ElmaloglouAbraham
Robyn MacKenzieAnna
Emma Jane FowlerZac
Anita HeghSamantha
Miguel LopezQuadro
Anthony AckroydQuadro's Voice
Linda CropperComputer Voice
Bruce SpenceEd Unit
Anthony MartinBillings
Yuka MitaniVegas
Tony Llewellyn-JonesSmith
Matthew LongDr. Jones
David HoeyMed Tech 1
Dawn RogersMed Tech 2
Kris McQuadeGilliam
cast photo