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Episode 17


May 12, 1886
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Kevin Dobson

Jilly panics while Jake devises a plan to dispose of Olive's body. Jake and Jilly take Olive's body to his boat but they are unknowingly photographed by Cassie who observes them from her office window. Cassie then joins Dennis for another late-night visit to Sanders Investments where she tries to talk him into abandoning his scheme and running away with her. Returning to Eden, Jake reiterates his comittment to Jilly who is haunted by nightmares but Jake comforts her, cementing her feelings and trust for him. They set a wedding date for one month's time.

Jilly and Jake prepare for the arrival of Princess Talitha and continue to speculate about Ahmal's reasons for wanting to buy land in the Northern Territory. Stephanie (as Princess Talitah) moves in to Eden with John Ryan posing as her bodyguard/interpreter. Bill begins working at Sanders Investments searching for a reason for the company's drop in profits. Jilly gives Talitha and John a tour of Tara's where Cassie takes the opportunity to show Jilly her incriminating photos.

Jessica admits to Dan she is jealous about how he loved Stephanie. Stephanie laments having lost Dan to Jessica but believes their relationship was likely over anyway. Jilly interupts Jake's meeting with Ahmal at Sanders Investments to tell him about Cassie's blackmail scheme but Jake is not concerned, believing he can solve the problem with his charm. With Jake out of the room, Bill shares his concerns with Ahmal about his land purchase. Ahmal refuses to go into details about the deal but promises to explain everything at secret meeting at the stables.

Dan welcomes Angelo and Sarah back from their honeymoon and offers them a place to stay with him and Jessica (Dennis having moved out due to their relationship). Bill brings Sarah to see Tom at the hospital. Given her recent marriage, Tom doesn't divulge the truth about their relationship.

When Jake visits Cassie at Tara's, she threatens to take her photos to the police and asks for half of the business. While Jilly fumes at the prospect of losing Tara's, Jake is focussed on studying Ahmal's land deal and chastises Jilly for not keeping closer tabs on Talitha, believing he can do a better job.

Sarah asks Dan if she can avoid telling Tom about the baby and he agrees, not wanting to put Tom under more stress. Dan confesses to Sarah he's involved with Jessica. Sarah already knew Jessica had feelings for Dan but is surprised, but accepting, to learn he's in love with her too. Bill arrives to meet Ahmal at the stables but is instead brought by John to meet Princess Talitha who reveals herself as Sephanie. Jake arrives soon after and sees Bill with the unveiled Stephanie.

With: Robin Ramsay as Sheik Ahmal, Suzanne Roylance as Olive Down, Keith Aberdein as Johnno Ryan, Saskia Post as Jessica Stewart, Rod Anderson as Anton Parker, Terry Markwell as Gayle

Episode 18


May 19, 1886
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Michael Falloon

Bill and John run interference at the stables allowing Stephanie to flee from Jake. Stephanie arrives back at Eden where she is able to trade places with the real Princess Talitha who then unveils herself to Jilly. However, Jake remains adamant about Stephanie being alive. Ahmal is outraged at his sister's treatment. He cancels all business dealings with Jake and moves the princess out of Eden. Jilly accuses Jake of wanting Stephanie to be alive because he is still in love with her and throws him out.

Dennis sees Sarah wearing her mother's ring and is sure it is proof their mother is still alive but is keeping a low profile to better strike back at Jake. They agree to tell no one, including Dan. Jake starts an in-depth investigation on Sheik Ahmal and his relationship with Bill. Knowing her mother could still be alive, Sarah is less comfortable with Dan's relationship with Jessica.

Stephanie explain Ahmal's land deal to Bill — Ahmal wanted to make Jake curious about why he was willing to pay such a high price for the land with Stephanie (as Talitha) then letting slip to Jilly that there was oil on the land. They hoped Jake would then buy the land out from under them allowing Stephanie to use those funds to fight for her company. Bill tells Stephanie about the survey report he wrote on the land which reveals it to be worthless. The reports sits unread on Jake's desk and Stephanie asks him to retrieve it.

Bill sneaks into Sanders Investments to recover the report only to walk in on Jake and Gayle. Bill covers by saying he wanted to discuss the day's events and retrieves the report. At the stables, Jake offers Jilly the horse he previously gave to Stephanie. They encounter Dan and Jessica and Jilly can't resists making barbed remarks about their relationship.

Jilly still wants to know what was behind Ahmal's land deal but Jake is prepared to cut his loses and move on so Jilly decides to target Ahmal directly. Bill encourages Jake to win back Ahmal's trust given his importance to their international reputation. Bill informs Jake about a thief who is steeling from the company. Ignoring his business problems, Jack orders Bill be followed believing he'll lead him to Stephanie.

Cassie confesses to Sarah that she and Dennis have stolen gold bullion from Sanders Investments and intend to sell it on the black market. Disillussioned after realising Dennis was just using her and had no true feelings for her, Cassie pulls out of the scam but is concerned about Dennis' ability to continue on his own without getting caught.

Out of hospital, Tom tells Dennis he intends to return to the USA, but asks him not to tells Sarah. He also reveals to Dennis BIll's efforts to catch a thief in the company. John puts his "plan B' into effect and goes to Jilly offering to work for her, using the lure of informing her about Ahmal's land deal. Jilly takes the prized information back to Jake who is skeptical about the information and warns Jilly about acting on it. Stephanie gives Bill a fake survey report that shows there is oil on the land and he delivers the report to Jilly.

Sarah cautions Dennis about his gold scam but he reassures his sister he's doing it to get the money to help their mother in her fight against Jake. Angelo reveals to Sarah that Tom is planning to leave the country. After sleeping together, Jilly agrees to give John a share of the land when she purchases it. Jilly mortgages everything she owns to raise the money to purchase the land and invites Cassie to go in for 5%. Jake is perturbed at her decision while Jilly relishes the thought of taking the company out from under him as well.

Ignoring Dan's advice, and going against Angelo's wishes, Sarah chases Tom to the airport to inform him that he is the father of her unborn child. In light of the revelation, Tom reveals that they are not siblings. Not believing this news, an emotional Sarah turns her back to rush away but trips over a luggage cart and collapses to the floor.

With: Robin Ramsay as Sheik Ahmal, Keith Aberdein as Johnno Ryan, Rod Anderson as Anton Parker, Saskia Post as Jessica Stewart, Tamasin Ramsay as Princess Talitha, Terry Markwell as Gayle

Episode 19


May 19, 1886
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Arch Nicholson

Sarah is rushed to hospital by ambulance after her fall at the airport. Jake tries to convince Jilly that the land is worthless but she refuses to listen to him or his claims that Stephanie is still alive and behind the whole scheme. Jilly needs a futher $20 million to purchase the land and is encouraged by Cassie, whose stake in Tara's is tied up in the deal, to capitalise on her role at Sanders Investments to get the funds.

Jake leaks an overly dire story to the press about Sarah's hospitalisation in hopes of luring Stephanie out of hiding. As expected, Stephanie rushes to her daughter's bedside well aware she could be walking into a trap. Ahmal learns the truth about Sarah's condition and John rushes after Stephanie to stop her. Entering the hospital disguised as a doctor, John sees Jake and Jilly waiting outside and helps Stephanie get safely out of the hospital so when Jake and Jilly burst into Sarah's hospital room, Stephanie is no where to be found.

Jilly fails to convince Jake to take a vacation to clear his mind. Having accepted the truth, Sarah breaks the news to Angelo that Tom is not her half-brother, and that she still loves him, but Angelo refuses to give up on their relationship. At Sanders Investments, Bill takes Dennis aside and accuses him of being behind the thefts from the company but Dennis denies it. When Bill tells him Jake's ruthless layer, Anton, is taking over the investigation, a panicked Dennis goes to Cassie for help covering his tracks.

Jilly sends Ahmal and Tilitha an invitation to a Middle East meets West themed fashion show at Tara's with them as the guests of honour. Stephanie goes in Talitha's place with Ahmal for drinks with Dan and Jessica beforehand. Stephanie is taken aback to hear from Dan that he and Jessica will be married when the time is right and nearly gives herself away.

After Anton discovered Dennis to be behind the gold theft, Jake decides to not go to the police with the information and instead confronts Dennis directly as he is retrieving the stolen gold. At Sanders Investments, Jilly gets her hands on the company cheque book to obtain the extra $20 million. Johnno and Ahmal try to convince a despondant Stephanie that she can still win Dan back, reminding her that with Jilly on the verge of buying the land, sje will soon have all the money she needs to get her company back.

Jake shows up at Ahmal's hotel with Dennis demanding to see Stephanie. Met with more denials, Jake tells John to inform Stephanie that she must meet him at Tara's or he'll turn Dennis in to the police. At the fashion show, John encourages Jilly to move quickly if she wishes to buy the land before Ahmal. Ahmal's arrival pushes Jilly to sign the deal and begin her gloating. Tom tries to convince Sarah to leave Angelo but she tells him she's pushed aside her feeling for him and won't leave Angelo. Tom accepts her wishes and agrees to walk away.

Jake arrives at the fashion show and eagerly anticipates Stephanie's arrival. Jilly gleefully informs Jake of her successful purchase of the oil-rich land — and having used $20 million of company money to do so. As the fashion show continues, Ahmal informs Jilly the land she purchased is worthless and that Stephanie is still alive and is the beneficiary of the purchase price. Furious over the turn of events, Jake demands to see Stephanie but she is not disguised as Princess Talitha, instead, Stephanie walks down the runway and unmasks herself for everyone to see.

With: Robin Ramsay as Sheik Ahmal, Keith Aberdein as Johnno Ryan, Rod Anderson as Anton Parker, Saskia Post as Jessica Stewart, Tamasin Ramsay as Princess Talitha, Terry Markwell as Gayle

Episode 20


May 26, 1886
Written by Betty Quin
Directed by Kevin Dobson

Stephanie pursues Dan as he and Jessica make a quick exit from the fashion show. When she reaches him, Dan lashes out at her for faking her death. Jilly seeks medical attention for shock while Jake reminds her of her new financial woes. Still fuming back at home, Dan is eager to drag Stephanie through a messy public divorce prompting Jessica to accuse him of being jealous and wanting her back. She asks for, and receives, reassurance about their relationship. Stephanie celebrates with Dennis and Sarah, resigned to the end of her relationship with Dan.

Jilly seeks comfort from Jake who turns his back on her. She wants Jake to use Dennis' crimes as leverage but he refuses since Stephanie kept their deal and appeared at Tara's. In a desperate bid to get Jake to marry her, Jilly tries to blackmail him with Cassie's photos and Olive's affidavite which states he paid her to kill Stephanie. Finding Stephanie back in her office at Sanders Investments, Jake admits to her he always knew she was alive and is still in love with her but Stephanie refuses to believe he's interested in anything but the company.

To thank Johnno for his work, Stephanie gives him a healthy payout from the land deal. Stephanie laments the end of her marriage and the pair talk about Johnno telling Tom he's his father. Jilly and Stephanie have a face-to-face meeting at Ahmal's hotel suite. Jilly unleashes a verbal assault on her sister promising to destroy her while in a calm rebuttal Stephanie vows a long war against her and Jake. Jake is determined to win over Stephanie but with Jilly standing in his way his lawyer, Anton, suggests Jilly be removed from the equation having served her purpose.

John reveals to Bill that he is Tom's father. Citing his loyalty to Stephanie, Bill agrees John should tell Tom but John gets cold feet and makes an excuse to leave without telling Tom the truth. Jake visits Jilly at Eden where he ends their relationship, seeing through her bluff that would have seen them both go to jail if he didn't marry her. Jilly pulls a gun on Jake as he tries to leave but Jake disarms her before walking out as she continues to profess her love for him. Safely out of the house, Jake orders Anton to get rid of Jilly.

Angelo tells Dan he'll be resuming his boxing career so he can give Sarah the kind of life she's been used to. Dan tries to talk him out of it but Angelo is sure a couple of big fights will be all it takes. Jessica meets with Stephanie and asks her to speak with Dan to sort out their issues, content to go on with her life regardless of whom he chooses to be with. Stephanie seeks out Dan at the stables where her refusal to apologise for fighting to save her company brings about a certain end to their marriage with Stephanie encouraging him make a good life with Jessica. Returning to Jessica, Dan tells her about his conversation with Stephanie and assures her she is the one he wants to be with.

Ahmal finds an emotional Stephanie following her talk with Dan but he does not offer another proposal but instead informs her he'll be going back home. The unresolved issue of their lost child remains a subject Stephanie promises to keep him informed on. Talitha is pleased to hear Ahmal's announcement that they will travel the country before going home and she asks Johnno to accompany them.

Anton goes to Eden to see Jilly under the guise of wanting to talk business, proclaiming he'd rather work with her than Stephanie. They toast a new working relationship but Jilly is unware her drink has been poisoned. Soon after, Jilly receives a phone call from her doctor informing her that she is pregnant. She calls Jake to give him the good news and confirms for him that Anton is there with her. As Jake rushes to Eden to save Jilly and his unborn child from Anton, Jilly collapses from the sedatives in her drink and Anton throws her into the swimming pool. After she answers his demands for the location of the incriminating photos and affidavit, he releases his grip on her and she slips below the surface of the water.

With: Robin Ramsay as Sheik Ahmal, Keith Aberdein as Johnno Ryan, Rod Anderson as Anton Parker, Saskia Post as Jessica Stewart, Tamasin Ramsay as Princess Talitha

Episode 21


June 02, 1886
Written by Betty Quin
Directed by Michael Falloon

Jake fishes Jilly out of the swimming pool and revives her while Anton locates the incriminating documents inside the house. Jake promises to Anton he can keep Jilly from reporting him to the police and sends him back to the office. That evening, Jake tells a frantic Jilly that Anton would have used the photos against them but he paid him to go away, sidestepping her suggestion he put Anton up to poisoning her. Jilly tries to use her pregnancy to get Jake to marry her. Returning to the office, Jake tells Anton he needs to leave town and of his dream of having a male heir — at which point Jilly will once again become expendable.

Jake meets with Stephanie in her hotel suite and turns over all of the evidence against Dennis. He tells her of Jilly's threat to terminate her pregnancy if they don't marry and offers Stephanie once last chance to be with him and once again she turns him down. Her refusal reignites Jake's desire to fight her for the company.

Jilly confronts Jake at Sanders Investments, accusing him of having no intention of marrying her but he informs her the plans are in place for a wedding in one week's time. Johnno and Stephanie's flirtations continue. Dennis goads Jilly at The Bistro, informing her that Jake gave the evidence against him to Stephanie — and that he did so in one last attempt for Stephanie's heart. In an effort to help Stephanie find her lost son, Johnno offers his encouragement and refers her to Sister Bernadette. They are observed by an unidentified man.

Still being observed, Johnno and Stephanie go to see Sister Bernadette who, although initially reluctant to help, vows to have the information on her son the next day. Jilly wants Jake to help her syphon funds out of the company before they inevitably lose it to Stephanie. Initially skeptical of the illegal scheme, Jake's interest is piqued by the idea of having not just a name but a fortune to pass on to his heir. Instead of following Jilly's plot and jetting off to start new lives in Rio, Jake wants to win big betting on the Melbourne Cup.

Sister Bernadette informs Stephanie that her child's file is missing from their records. Anton meets with a shadowy figure and turns over the missing file in exchange for a sizeable cash payment. While Jake and Jilly are marrried in a simple and rushed ceremony, Stephanie and Dan agree to a clean divorce with Dan refusing to accept her offer to pay off the debts he incurred fighting for her company.

Sarah confronts Angelo over his decision to go back to boxing. With a first fight already on the cards, Angelo leaves to begin training. Jessica informs Dan she's been granted an audition for an acting role on a new telemovie. The possible job in Sydney would delay Dan's return to his island medical practice. An emotional Sarah goes to Tom to unburden herself of her woes over Angelo's return to boxing. She admits to now realising she can't make her marriage work because of her feelings for him — the only person she will ever love. Sarah seeks out Angelo at the gym to tell him of her decision to leave him but lacks the courage to do so. Tom has no such reluctance forcing Sarah to break the news herself.

Jake is stunned by Jilly's appearance at the stables with a briefcase full of money — the company payroll which she has stolen from the office. Angelo confides in Dennis that his reaction to nearly hitting Tom at the gym brought back his past boxing demons and he can never fight again. Having decided to end things with Stephanie, Johnno leaves town. At Eden, Stephanie suggests to Jake they avoid a lawsuit and settle their grievance by putting everything on the line in the Melbourne Cup. They both have horses running... winner take all. Jake can't resist.

With: Keith Aberdein as Johnno Ryan, Rod Anderson as Anton Parker, Maggie Blinco as Sister Bernadette

Episode 22


June 09, 1886
Written by Ray Kolle & Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Kevin Dobson

The unknown figure breaks into Stephanie's hotel suite as she sleeps and leaves behind a torn and defaced family photo on her pillow. Despite Jilly wanting him to call off the bet and escape to Rio, Jake is confident his horse can win the Melbourne Cup and he tells her to return the stolen payroll. Stephanie queries Dennis about the photo but he has no knowledge of its origin. Jake warns Jilly against tampering with Stephanie's horse.

Dennis asks Cassie for money to bet on the race wanting to set them up for their future — as husband and wife. The shadowy figure leaves the second half of the photo and the door of Tara's for Dennis to find.

Dan accepts a phone call from Jessica's agent and learns an American film director wants to screen test Jessica. The news coincides with Dan facing competition for partnership at the medical clinic. Dan's not eager to have another wife whose life is focussed on her career. Having packed her bags and gone to the airport, Jilly is prepared to go to Rio by herself when a mystery phone caller advises her to stay in Sydney to see Stephanie brought down. When Jilly returns to Eden, Jake threatens her life if she tries to leave again.

At Sanders Investments the next day, Stephanie advises Jilly that she's reacquired Eden and wants her out by race day and presents the formal terms of their bet for Jake to sign. At the stables, Dennis compares notes with Stephanie about the photos and catches Jilly in the process of trying to drug Stephanie's horse but she escapes on horseback.

Jilly offers Cassie $250,000 to help ensure Jake's horse wins but Cassie refuses the money despite it being a guarenteed payout for her and Dennis. The shadowy figure continues to follow Dennis. Dennis entrusts Cassie with placing his bet on the race and informs her of the secret stabling location of Stephanie's horse, Tara's Pride. Stephanie is not happy with the information leak and is justified in her concern as Cassie reports the location back to Jilly. The truck supposedly transporting Tara's Pride is intercepted by gun-wielding men who shoot up the truck. Tara's Pride however is actually in another trailer being driven away by Stephanie and Dennis. Stephanie invites Jake and Jilly to fly down to Melbourne on the company jet with her, Ahmal and Talitha. Dennis, Dan and Jessica join the group.

All parties assemble at the track to watch the race in eager anticipation. Tara's Pride falls to last early in the race with Revenge taking the lead much to Jake and Jilly's delight. Tara's Pride surges down the final stretch to win the race to the Harper party's joy. Back in Sydney a celebratory party is held at Eden while elsewhere Jilly fumes over Stephanie's victory. Stephanie offers Bill and Tom their jobs back at Harper Mining (keeping Tom and Sarah from moving to the USA). Stephanie learns Jessica has landed a role in a remake of On The Beach. With Dan departing for the island clinic, he and Stephanie say their goodbyes and part on amicable terms.

Drowning his sorrows, Angelo asks Dennis to help win back Sarah but Dennis says it is a futile effort. Cassie confesses to Dennis she lost all their money having bet everything on Jake's horse. Dennis accuses her of acting on a tip from Jilly and erupts in anger, storming off leaving Angelo and Cassie to comfort one another — both losers for getting involved with the Harper family.

Jilly drags Jake to the party at Eden under the guise of offering Stephanie her congratulations but she doesn't go empty handed. Stephanie advises Jessica she doesn't have to choose work over Dan, or vice versa, and Jessica decides to join Dan in going to the island but he doesn't want her to give up her career. Outside, Dennis is assaulted by the shadowy figure and knocked out. The man aims to see what Dennis is worth to Stephanie...

Jilly and Jake arrive at the party. Jilly feigns illness to get Stephanie alone and pulls a gun on her. Jilly finally informs Stephanie about the reason for Jake's strong desire to ruin her — he is the brother of her late husband, Greg Marsden. Jake attempts to disarm Jilly but her gun goes off in their brief struggle and he is shot, his blood spraying onto Stephanie. Stephanie disarms Jilly and Jake stumbles past her and falls down the stairs into the heart of party. With Jake lying dead at the foot of the staircase, Jilly appears and points the finger of blame at Stephanie. The stunned partygoers shift their gaze to Stephanie who now stands in shock at the top of the stairs holding the gun and covered in Jake's blood...

With: Robin Ramsay as Sheik Ahmal, Saskia Post as Jessica Stewart, Tamasin Ramsay as Princess Talitha, Dianna Fisher as Herself

Episode 22a


When a second series was not given the go-ahead, a short five minute mini-episode was filmed to resolve the various cliffhangers left at the end of the series. This new ending was not seen during the series' original run but was added to the end of the final episode when the series was sold internationally.

Dennis is being held captive, his bonds rigged to a grenade. His captor enters and reveals both his objective — to ransom him back to Stephanie for $1 million — and his identity — he is Dennis' half-brother and Stephanie's long-lost son, Chris. He releases Dennis knowing Stephanie is now in jail and after Dennis tells him that he stands to inherit millions as Ahmal's son.

Stephanie is in jail awaiting trial for Jake's murder when she is visited by Jilly. The pair are soon joined by Dennis, Chris and Detective Inspector Jennings. Dennis introduces Stephanie to her son, Chris, and reveals he was on the balcony outside the bedroom when Jake was shot — and he has the photos to prove it was Jilly who pulled the trigger. Jilly is taken into custody on the spot for questioning.

Stephanie and her two sons go for a walk in a park overlooking the harbour. Dennis informs Stephanie her family are waiting for her back at the house as Stephanie enjoys her new-found freedom, vowing to never let anyone take it from her again.

Cast: Rebecca Gilling as Stephanie, Peta Toppano as Jilly, Peter Cousens as Dennis, Graham Harvey as Chris, Tony Blackett as Detective Inspector Jennings