Retrograde: episode guide


Episode 1
Wed, July 8, 2020 (ABC, 9:30)
Writers: Anna Barnes & Meg O'Connell
Director: Natalie Bailey

A comedy following the topsy-turvy life of Maddie and her friends as they navigate the pandemic, partners, and the new parameters of life, all from the safety of their very own virtual bar.

Starring: Pallavi Sharda as Maddie, Ilai Swindells as Ramsay, Maria Angelico as Isabel, Esther Hannaford as Sophie, Nick Boshier as Dylan, Max Brown as Rob

With: Ronny Chieng as Gary, Shapoor Batliwalla as Vijay


Episode 2
Wed, July 15, 2020
Writers: Anna Barnes
Director: Natalie Bailey

Not only is Maddie hungover in lockdown, but she drunkenly texted Dylan last night and is struggling to adapt to living with Rob and his kid. Ramsay calls her boring. Will she revisit her twenties with a drug-fuelled bender?

With: Maria Mercedes as Marlena


Episode 3
Wed, July 22, 2020
Writers: Declan Fay
Director: Natalie Bailey

Rob asks Maddie to keep an eye on Maya while she’s asleep, so Maddie gets a crash course in parenting. Meanwhile Isabel gets a crash course in online dating (and catfishing), and Dylan crashes the bar all the way from London.

With: Julian Haig as Alan, Luxy Mu as Maya


Episode 4
Wed, July 29, 2020
Writers: Megan O'Connell, Michele Lee
Director: Natalie Bailey

Lockdown continues as the gang glam up for a feminist-icon party AND Maddie receives an award! But Ramsay, Soph, and Isabel’s busy online lives mean leaving Maddie all dressed up with nowhere to go — until Dylan logs in.

With: Amanda LaBonte as Lou, Bert LaBonte as Semesa


Episode 5
Wed, August 5, 2020
Writers: Declan Fay, Michele Lee
Director: Natalie Bailey

Maddie and Rob are a united front hosting the gang for a trivia night. But Dylan is back in Australia, and from quarantine he dials in to play, and disrupt. Truth bombs are scattered and Ramsay receives a distressing call.

With: Amanda LaBonte as Lou


Episode 6
Wed, August 12, 2020
Writers: Anna Barnes
Director: Natalie Bailey

Maddie is forced to make a decision when Dylan turns up on Rob’s doorstep unannounced. But when a tragedy brings everyone back to the bar, the friends reflect on what they want for their future in lockdown and beyond.

With: Ronny Chieng as Gary, Shapoor Batliwalla as Vijay, Belle Fuller as Karen