Produced by Stepmates Studios

Creators: Mark Nicholson & Sebastian Peart
Executive Producer: Michael Horrocks
Series Producer: Mark Nicholson
Producer: Ben Shackleford
Writers: Mark Nicholson & Sebastian Peart
Director: Sebastian Peart
Music: Peter Corrigan, Michael Belsar (theme)

Aired: October 26, 2020... (7mate)

An adult animated comedy series with a big heart and even bigger balls. This love letter to Australia revolves around the adventures of a typical family from the outer suburbs — the Stubbs. Rather than sitting at home firing up the barbie and talking about the latest specials at ALDI, this regular old family encounter outrageous situations in each episode, from getting lost in the outback, to facing Death Row in a Balinese prison. (6x30min)
Mark NicholsonGavin Stubbs
Natalie BondWendy Stubbs
Sebastian PeartToby Stubbs
cast photo

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