Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions
in association with Network Ten, ZDF Enterprises, and The Post Lounge

Executive Producers: Jonathan M Shiff, Julia Adams
Series Producer: Jonathan M. Shiff
Co-Producer: Lisa McCune
Directors: Colin Budds, Grant Brown

Aired: June - September, 2013 (Ten/Eleven)

"Lisa McCune stars as Dr Sam Stewart, the Sherlock Holmes of tropical medicine and the head doctor in the only medical clinic for the Great Barrier Reef Islands. Sam leads a handful of dedicated practitioners hoping to extract the hidden secrets from venom that have the power to cure some of the world's most fatal diseases. On a daily basis, her small team of medics deals with everything from deadly snakebites and jellyfish stings, to divers with the bends and tropical diseases that can spread like wildfire. But it's not all medical emergencies and dramas for the vendomdocs on Hope Island. Life's also an adventure — wind surfing, scuba diving, abseiling, and at night, kicking back at the Backpackers Hostel, and in the steamy, romantic tropical nights at the end of a long day, maybe even finding love."

Lisa McCuneDr Sam Stewart
Richard BrancatisanoDr Rick D'Alessandro
Rohan NicholToby McGrath
Susan HoeckeFreya Klein
Andrew RyanGus Cochrane
Tasneem RocOlivia Shaw
Rod MullinarSonny Farrell
Justin HolborowJack Stewart
Chloe BaylissNell Saunders
Kristof PiechockiMalcolm Reid
Matt DayAndrew Walsh

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