Produced by Grundy Television Pty Ltd

Executive Producer: Bruce Best
Producers: Bruce Best, Alan Coleman
Directors: Rod Hardy, Julian Pringle, Marcus Cole
Writers: Reg Watson, Alan Coleman, Bob Jewson

Produced: 1980
Aired: February 20, 1981 - June 14, 1982 (Ten)

Punishment deals with the shattered lives of men in Longridge Prison. Punishment is a powerful drama depicting the harsh realities of life in a men's prison. It examines the inner conflicts of those forced to cope with life behind bars... to survive within the system from which there is no escape. (26 x 60min)
Robert ColebyChristopher Lang (pilot)
Ralph CotterillOfficer Russell Davis
Barry CrockerGovernor Alan Smith
John EwingArthur Willetts
Michelle FawdonSusan Morrison (pilot)
Cornelia FrancisCathy Wells
Mel GibsonRick Munro (pilot)
Penne Hackforth-JonesHeather Rogers
Anne HaddyAlice Wells
Brian HarrisonSam Wells
Julie McGregorJulie Smith
Kris McQuadeKate Randall
Lisa PeersRoslyn Rowney
Mike PrestonLarry Morrison
Arthur ShermanAndy 'Pop' Epstein
Michael SmithPaul Wells
George SpartelsDavid 'Robbo' Roberts
Lisa SpeersRosalyn Rowney
David SpencerTim Jarrett
James C SteeleGary 'Gazza' Cooper
Ross ThompsonOfficer Mike Rogers
Ken WayneOfficer Jack Hudson
Brian WenzelOfficer Wally Webber

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