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Episode 1.03

Thu, August 03, 2017
404,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Michael Miller
Directed by Jennifer Leacy

When a heart transplant patient dies, Frankie fears the surgeons will close ranks to cover up a medical error. Lou realises she and best friend Frankie may be on different sides.

Under Eli's tutelage Tabb struggles to prove his ability as a doctor when the two are pulled into an emergency code on heart transplant patient, Zoe.

Having taken a close interest in Zoe, Frankie is stunned when she doesn't survive. A meeting is called to establish whether there was a preventable error, but Mitri and the others involved in the operation close ranks, pressuring Lou to keep her mouth shut.

After Frankie helps Berger deliver a renal patient's baby, he asks her not to reveal he has a brain tumour; they are now the keepers of each other's secrets.

But this isn't the only secret Frankie is being asked to keep: Lou admits she saw Mitri miss a stitch and was forced to ignore it. Was it his arrogance that killed Zoe? And what will Frankie do with this new revelation?


  • Claire van der Boom as Frankie Bell
  • Andrea Demetriades as Lou Tannis
  • Owen Teale as Chad Berger
  • Liam McIntyre as Eli Nader
  • Susie Porter as Maggie Cutter
  • Arka Das as Tabb Patel
  • Pallavi Sharda as Tanya Kalchuri
  • Blessing Mokgohloa as Rowan Mitri
  • Dalip Sondhi as Rupert Steele
  • Renee Lim as Monica Lee
  • Lara Lightfoot as Scrub Theatre Nurse
  • Melissa Bonne as Zoe Mendosa
  • Troy Harrison as Sam Mendosa
  • Lawrence Scurfield as Zac Mendosa
  • Silvia Colloca as Lucy Berger
  • Romany Demeter Miller as Yummi Berger
  • Geraldine Hakewill as Connie
  • Edmund Lembke-Hogan as Shane
  • Sean Luther Hall as Frankie's Date