Produced by Planet 55 Studios (Aus), Telegael Teoranta (Ireland) and Bramall Productions (UK)

Executive Producer: Gary Russell, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Mark B Oliver; Paul Cummins; Harry Eastwood
Writers: Gary Russell, David Breen, Joseph Lidster, Rebecca Stevens, Justin Richards, Scott Handock,
Richard Hansom, Joshua Campbell, Mark B. Oliver, Colin Bennett, Rachel Marriott
Animation directors: Sean Zwan, Joshua Campbell, Derek Moore, Christian Barkel,
David Devjak, David Breen, Lachlan Pini
Voice directors: Gary Russell, Dan Russell

Airing: September - October 2016 (ABC Me)

It is another time, another galaxy. Two young teenagers, Tag and Gem travel through space, each searching for their missing parents whilst figuring out their identities and place in society. They are befriended by Zero, a mysterious stranger, with no recollection of his past, who takes them under his wing and protects them from aliens, renegade robots and the evil Imperium. (26x30min)
Starringas the voice of
Alexander VlahosZero
Sophie WuGem Coll
Danny CarmelTag Anaton
Toby LongworthGeneral Vyka
John SchwabDel
Gary MartinLibrarian
Katharine MangoldKai
Daniel BrocklebankBarqel
J. Michael TatumBowi
Simone Craddock
Janet Fielding
Katy Manning
Nicholas Briggs
cast photo

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