Produced by Paradine Productions and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Executive Producers: John Backman, Scott McLennan
Producer: Oscar Whitbread
Writers: Howard Griffiths, Cliff Green, Roger Simpson, Sonia Borg, John Martin, Tom Hegarty
Directors: Oscar Whitbread, Keith Wilkes, David Zweck, Douglas Sharp, John Gauci, Michael Ludbrook

Aired: June 21 - December 13, 1976 (ABC)

Award-winning historical drama series which traces the life of John West from his impoverished youth in the depression of the 1890s, to his death as a multi-millionaire some sixty years later. His rag-to-riches career is peopled with a fascinating assortment of Australian life, reminiscent in its richness of Dickens or Tolstoy. For the Battlers in the Melbourne slums, there were two ways to beat the bosses: one through organised labour and the growing trade union movement, and the other by challenging the establishment on its own ground through the acquisition of wealth and power. John West chose the latter course. Based on the 1949 book by Frank Hardy (26 x 50min)
Martin VaughnJohn West
Rosalind SpiersNellie Moran
Heather CanningMrs Moran
John WoodSugar Renfrey
Terence DonovanFrank Lammence
Irene InescortMrs West
Michael AitkensPiggy Lewis
Tim RobertsonArthur West
Wendy HughesMary West
Barry HillFrank Ashton
George MallabyBarney Robinson
Sean ScullyEddie Corrigan
Michael AitkensPiggy Lewis
Michael PateArchbishop Malone
Rowena WallaceHarriet Marshall
Leon LissekDavid Garside
Tim ConnorPaddy Cummins
Alan HardyJim Tracey
John MurphyFather O'Toole
Peter CumminsDet Sgt O'Flaherty
David RavenswoodSgt Devlin
Leila HayesFlorrie Robinson
Tony BonnerBrendan West
Tristan RogersPeter Monton
Anne PendleburyMaid
Bill GarnerBen Worth
Ken WayneTed Thurgood
Patsy KingVera Maguire
Frank WilsonTom Trumbleward
Elaine BaillieMartha Ashton
David CameronHugo
Gerard KennedyDick Bradley
Gil TuckerLou Darby
Graeme BlundellSnoopy Tanner
Peter AanensenJimmy Summers
Reg EvansBob Standish
cast photo

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