Produced by Jungle Entertainment in association with Factor 30 Films

Creator: Phil Lloyd
Executive Producers: Phil Lloyd, Trent O’Donnell, Ben Feldman, Chloe Rickard, Jason Burrows
Executive Producers: Cailah Scobie, Amanda Duthie
Producers: Bridget Callow-Wright, Melissa Kelly
Writers: Phil Lloyd, Steve Toltz, Michael Bond, Julia Moriarty, Sarinah Masukor, Zoe Pepper
Directors: Trent O’Donnell, Ben Young, Helena Brooks

Released: Thu, March 14, 2024 (Stan)

When Andy Pruden, a suburban bank teller from Ohio USA, pulls into the tiny outback town to visit his long-lost father, he’s alarmed to discover that Hugo has vanished. In his quest to find him, another outsider, Cassie, comes to Andy’s aid and they find themselves in increasing danger as they delve into the secrets of this tiny outback town, where everyone is a suspect. (12x30min)
Ben FeldmanAndy Pruden
Tony BriggsJimmy James
Fiona ChoiCharmaine Litchfield
Stephen CurryNoel Pinkus
Rick DonaldLeon Croydman
Darren GilshenanHugo Drivas
Pippa GrandisonMaureen Taylor
Chai HansenGareth Biggins
Christopher KirbyDom
Steve Le MarquandTrevor Taylor
Geneviève LemonValerie Hogarth
Katrina MilosevicSgt. Geraldine Walters
Perry MooneyCassie Crick
Karis OkaSoshanna
Emily TahenyAudrey Denning
William ZappaCedric Blumenthal

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