Produced by Pigeon Fancier Productions and John & Josh International for ABC TV

Producer: Todd Abbott
Executive Producers: Todd Abbott, Josh Thomas, Kevin Whyte
Network Executive Producer: Debbie Lee
Director: Matthew Saville
Writer: Josh Thomas

Airing: 2013... (ABC2)

Life is just kicking off for Josh. He's living in a share house. He's doing adult things like drinking wine and eating asparagus. And he's heading rapidly — if reluctantly — towards his twenty-first birthday. But the events of one day throw his world spinning off its axis, and Josh is forced to move back into the family home to keep an eye on his divorced mother. Inspired by the award-winning stand-up comedy of Josh Thomas, PLEASE LIKE ME is a series about growing up quickly, and about realising that your parents are not heroes, but dopes with no idea whats going on — just like you.
Josh ThomasJosh
Debra LawranceMum
David RobertsDad
Wade BriggsGeoffrey
Nikita Leigh-PritchardNiamh
Caitlin StaseyClaire
Thomas WardTom
Renee LimMae
Judi FarrAunty Peg
Andrew S. GilbertRod
cast photo
cast photo

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