A Moody Street Kids and Princess Pictures production

Creator: Melanie Sano
Executive Producers: Gill Carr, Emma Fitzsimons; Mary-Ellen Mullane
Producers: Pennie Brown, Antje Kulpe
Writers: Melanie Sano, Jessica Paine, Michael Drake, Megan Palinkas, Vidya Rajan
Directors: Craig Irvin, Sarah Hickey, Nina Buxton

Aired: January 01 - 12, 2024 (ABC Me)

A coming-of-age series about a sparky pre-teen girl whose alien powers suddenly kick in, making her the target of hostile intergalactic invaders! (10x24min)
Nina GallasLulin
Uma DumaisHenri
Max TurnerSpider
Kevin HofbauerKen
Lisa McCuneEzme
Cassie RobbBestro/Primo/Supremo
Carlee ClementsVerjonica
cast photo
cast photo

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