Produced by Great Western Entertainment

Creator & Producer: Paul Barron
Writers: Ron Elliott, Annie Fox, Everett De Roche, Victor Gentile, Piers Hobson, Annie Beach, Lynn Bayonas, Meg Mappin, Coral Drouyn
Directors: Mark DeFriest, Andrew Lewis and Steve Peddie

Aired: August - September 2004 (Nine)

14-year-old Ben lives in a picturesque (if you are an adult), boring (if you are a teenager), country town of Werrinup in Western Australia. However, Ben’s life is turned upside down when he is accused of a theft he did not commit. While in pursuit of the real thief, Ben discovers that Werrinup is a gateway to a number of parallel universes known as the Parallax. As he travels through these alternate universes, Ben finds out that he has a sister he didn’t know about; that his mother is a Guardian of the Parallax; and that huge purple insects named Welkin want to bite him and that all the worlds of the Parallax are in danger. The only hope of stopping the Welkin is to find the key to the Reading Room. They are the last line of defence. So they stand, bickering siblings, ready to face the foe armed… with a library card.
Joshua Marshall-ClarkeBen Johnson
Gillian AlexyKatherine Raddic
Caroline BrazierVeronica Johnson/Betti
David RichardsonFrancis Short
Françoise SasMelinda Bruce
Kazimir SasMartin Dunkly
Rebecca McCarthyUna/Fortuna
Genevieve McCarthyDué
Lauren WilliamsMundi
Luke HewittJeremy Johnson
Paris AbbottTiffany
Igor SasStefan Raddic
cast photo