Produced by Southern Star Entertainment in association with The BBC

Producers: John Edwards, Julie McGauran
Co-producer: Daniel Bennett

Filmed: January 22 - July 22, 2008
Aired: April 2008 - Jan 2009 (BBC)

Out of the Blue is set in the beautiful beach resort of Manly, Australia which is famous for the catchphrase "seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care". The story opens when a group of thirty something friends return to their home town for a high school reunion. However the celebrations are brought to an abrupt end when one of the group is murdered. As the remainder of the group get embroiled in a murder investigation friendships are challenged and loyalties torn. Whom amongst them is a killer? The question is going to baffle police, and when the answer is revealed, life in Manly will never be the same again. (130 x 30 min)
Basia A'HernLucia Jones
John AtkinsonStephen Mulroney
Daisy BettsPeta Lee
Olivia BonniciTess McManus
Nathaniel BuzolicPaul O'Donnell
Zoe CaridesPia Jones
Renai CarusoRebecca Quilter
Diane CraigDeborah McManus
Maggie DenceOlive Hammond
Aidan GillettDaniel McManus
Charlotte GreggTracy O'Donnell
Daniel HenshallAdam "Addo" O'Donnell
Katherine HicksPoppy Hammond
Noel HoddaRon O'Donnell
Louis HunterKyle Mulroney
Ryan JohnsonIan "Stavva" Jones
Sophie KatinisGabby West
Kim KnuckeyBrian Jones
Dylan LandrePhilip "Philby" McManus
Charlie Rose MacLennanZoe O'Donnell
Clayton WatsonJarrod O'Donnell
Samara WeavingKirsten Mulroney
Roxane WilsonAngela Mulroney
Shane WithingtonDS Simon Wilson
cast photo

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